Nature has cure for all diseases, says Professor


Edwin Omeje, a Professor of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) has said that nature provided cure for all diseases of man and animal through biosynthetic laboratories.

Omeje, a senior Lecturer at the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science disclosed this in Nsukka on Thursday while delivering the 203 Inaugural Lecture of UNN.

“Titled, “Nature as the Unmatchable and Incontrovertible Chemist: Evidence from Research in Natural Product Chemistry”.

He said that nature provided man with unlimited repository of whatever man needed as a unique creation of God that has equivalence of full expression in human being without ambiguity.

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The don said law of divinity and doctrine of signature entails that plants and every other natural resources grow where they were needed for food, nutruceutical and healing purposes.

“This is to tell you that every healing needed by man has been provided for in the nature’s complex synthetic bio laboratories for as long as environmental equilibrium is constantly maintained.

“Despite all the frustrating challenges facing Africa, especially the emerging natural product Chemists, my research experiences have provided solid evidence that nature has more than we can ever discover in stock.

“All the trees, plants and grasses in our environment are typical evidence of what nature has provided man with, but proper research is needed to identify which diseases or ailment each or combination of the plants can cure,” he said.

Omeje, who is also the Dean, Department of Student Affairs, UNN said further that our forefathers were able to live longer and healthier due to constant intake of natural things that contains natural chemical.

“Our forefathers relied on natural foods, fruits and other things that contains natural chemicals within their environments to live healthier and longer, not today we load our body with junk foods that contains synthetic chemicals.

“The have no hospitals not to talk of specialist hospitals, but they used fruits, vegetables, grasses, plants provided by nature to cure their diseases

“Once we start dealing with genetic modifications of anything we are trying to alter the original creation and it may result to cancer or other incurable ailments.

“From research findings, the evidence is clear that God perfectly signed His autograph in nature, all the drugs you buy from Pharmacy or drug shops are extractions from plants, grasses and other deposits of nature but refined,” he said.

The inaugural lecturer noted that Nigeria and Africa have rich repository of herbal medicines but expressed worry that some of the African herbal practitioners shrouded their practice in secrecy as well as linked natural plants and grasses they collected from their environment to spiritism and occultism.

“It is disheartening that some of the herbal practitioners ink their practice of using natural herb to cure diseases to one evil spirits or the other, by telling their patients to kill fowl, goat, cow or things as a sacrifice to activate the potency of the herbal drug given to them” he said.

Omeje commended Prof. Charles Igwe, the Vice-chancellor of UNN whom he referred to as a father for his sustained confidence in him, the opportunity to deliver the inaugural lecture as well as appointing him to serve as the Dean Student Affairs under his administration.

He expressed appreciation to his wife, Mrs. Confidence Omeje, and his children for their support and encouragement unconditionally.

Omeje expressed special gratitude to collegues in the university, religious leaders, traditional rulers, his friends and well wishers who came from far and near to witness the lecture in spite of their tight schedules.

Earlier in a remark, Prof. Igwe, the Vice-Chancellor of UNN said that Inaugural lecture is an important occasion in UNN as It provided professors with the opportunity to share their research works, knowledge and experience with university community and the general public.

The VC described Omeje as one of the pillers of his administration because of his commitment and dedication to duties.

Igwe noted that Omeje had stood firmly behind his administration physically and spiritually.

“The huge and unprecedented crowd that witnessed this lecture is an eloquent testimony of his popularity, dedication and commitment to duties,” lgwe said.

Our Correspondent reports that, the lecture was well attended by the university community as well as people from different walks of life.

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