Our  advert rates which have been reviewed effective September 21, 2012 are stated below:

1.Mini Rectangle Rectangle(1×2’’) without link =N100,000 per week

2. Mini Rectangle with a web link=400,000 per week  

3.Medium Rectangle (2.5’’x2.5”)without web  link=N150,000 per week

4.Mediun Rectangle with link N500,000 per week

5.Top banner(Horizontal) without web link=350,000  per week

6.Top banner (horizontal) with web link=N600,000 per week

7. Horizontal banner (below) without link= N200,000 per week

8.Horizontal banner with web link=N450,00 per week.

9.Special feature/Supplement N600,000  (A4 size  on words) per week(Same rate for full pictorial adverts)

10.Sky scrapper without link=350,000 per week

11.Sky scrapper with web link N600,000 per week Advert on

12. Newsletter = N500,000  per month

All adverts attract 5% VAT Every insertion runs for a week on the website For further enquiries, contact the undersigned on 08186138765, Or the  advert manager on 08186138765

All Payments Should be made in favour of   NEWSDIARY COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED

Signed: Danlami Nmodu. Publisher/Editor in Chief

Email: ,

EFAB PLAZA, Ext. D 83, Garki II, Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Abuja.