Mark to Boko Haram: Stop These Needless killings

senate_president__david_mark 600President of the Nigerian Senate, Senator David Mark has for the umpteenth pleaded with the perpetrators of violence and needless killings to make a u – turn because the trend is alien and absurd to the sacred tradition and culture of the country.

Senator Mark reminded the harbingers of the unabating killings nothing good can come out of evil deeds saying our culture and tradition respects the sanctity of human life.
Addressing members of the knight of St. John International of the Catholic Faith who visited him in Abuja Senator Mark admitted the security challenges confronting the nation assured every thing is being done to bring the situation under control.

“We are not unmindful of the heavy security challenges facing us. We are doing every thing humanly possible to contain the situation. These violence are alien to us and totally against our culture and tradition. We abhor and we are doing our best to end the menance”, he told his guests.

He therefore enjoined Nigerians irrespective of different ethnic or leanings to the crusade to stop the violence and killings of Nigerians.

The President of the Senate in the same token implored Nigerians especially the clergy to continue to pray for the nation saying all things are possible before God.

He however emphasised the need for hard work because alone would not get us out of the woods.

Earlier, the Supreme President of the Knight of St. John International New York, United of America, General Dale Gossiaux praised Senator Mark for his consistency and commitment in the pursuance of sustainable in Nigeria.
General Gossiaux noted the efforts of Mark at ensuring peace and stability in the Nigerian polity, saying ” you have proven that one can be a politician and still remain a good Christian judging from your continuous show of in leadership”.
Members of the Knight 0f St John were accompanied by the minister of state Foreign Affairs, Professor Viola Onwuliri.

They were in Nigeria as part of the advocacy tour of the continent as solders of Christ .

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