Taraba -Based DSK Foundation ‘sees humanitarian services and public philanthropy as a call to duty’

By Ejike Umunnabuike Jr & Lami Sheikh with additional reports from Steven Sughter Peverga


DSK, a Taraba State-based philanthropic Foundation is reaching  out to an impressive population of  less privileged Taraba State citizenry  through regular communal empowerment projects.

Speaking to Newdiaryonline.com , a spokesman of the DSK Foundation, Barrister Jime Yongo, a private legal practitioner domiciled in Wukari City, the spiritual and cultural headquarters of the old Kwarafa Kingdom,” said the foundation, sees humanitarian services and public philanthropy as a call to duty in helping assuage the sufferings of the less privileged sub-populations in the larger Nigerian society, particularly in Taraba State, where the organization in located”.

Barrister Yongo, further gave an insight into the encouraging contributions of the  foundation to societal development .He said, “No fewer than 1,800 people in the Southern Senatorial zone of Taraba State alone had been provided with employment showing that the DSK Foundation has the interests of the masses at heart. Besides, the DSK Foundation has provided scholarship schemes to many members of the youth population from Taraba State”.

DSK Foundation  which has over the years, consistently empowered rural and urban dwellers has also provided employment generation to varying segments of the youth-population.It has also funded functional educational scholarship schemes to various categories of beneficiaries, ranging from primary, secondary to  tertiary institutions of learning.

In the foundation’s quest for committed rural and urban empowerment pursuits, Barrister Yongo, explained, “The poor and needy in Taraba State and even from neighboring Benue State, now take advantage of a modern and functional Referral Hospital, situated in the Kente community of Takum Local Government Council of the Southern Senatorial Zone of Taraba State”.

On a regular basis, the DSK Foundation, has equally put smiles on the faces of scores of the Taraba State citizenry by offering less-privileged members of the community most of their  basic-needs  .Barrister Jime Yongo, said “rural electrification projects for five communities, skill acquisition centres are ongoing in no fewer than six communities, spread across the domain”.