Youth coalition endorses Eikudan as PDP youth leader

Coalition of all PDP friendly NGOs and civil society groups has drummed for National Organising Secretary of PDP National Youth Vanguard, Mr Usman Eikudan, for position of PDP National Youth Leader.

National Coordinator of Coalition, Mr Aderemi Olusegun, at a news conference on Tuesday in Abuja, said coalition was convinced that Elkudan was the right choice in terms of capacity, competence and capability.

Olusegun said that declaration was made after due consultation with a good number of state youth leaders, zonal youth leaders, PDP friendly NGOs and civil society groups, as well as party stakeholders.

He described Elkudan as productive, creative and active PDP member who played key roles in party’s activities and elections.

“Therefore, on behalf of PDP Youth Wing of our party, we present to you Elkudan to contest for office of PDP National Youth Leader as our consensus candidate.

call to make an indelible worthwhile contribution to build and enliven PDP youth wing could only why Elkudan decided to throw his hat in the ring,“ he said.

He said that Elkudan was known across and among the youths and party elders.

“He has equally planned to empower the youth through information platforms and enterprises,“ he said.

Olusegun added that with the and acceptance that the declaration of interest to contest had garnered, it was obvious that Elkudan was friendly with the youths, and the youths were as well pleased with him.

“As this very event gathers momentum, we hereby declare to this very young fellow, a comrade, and a hardworking loyal party man,” he said. (NAN)