Defence minister convenes meeting over soldiers’ meal quality


 Defence Minister, Suh Wook has convened a meeting of top military commanders to discuss troops’ living conditions, amid continued complaints over poor meal quality, especially for those under Coronavirus quarantine.

The minister’s office said on Thursday.

Earlier  in April, the defence ministry unveiled a set of measures to improve service members’ living conditions, including a plan to raise the average daily meal cost, following a series of complaints over the quality of meals.

Yet questions were raised over whether such measures have properly taken place as soldiers continued to send photos of their poor meals to a Facebook account that serves as an anonymous bulletin board for service members.

“It will be a meeting to review the military’s COVID-19 response and the specific progress made in efforts to improve the living conditions of troops in quarantine,’’ ministry spokesman Boo Seung-chan said during a regular press briefing.

The top officials will also inspect whether any additional measures could be implemented to further improve the soldiers’ living conditions, Boo said. (Yonhap/NAN)