Standing Strong, Biography of Ken Nnamani, For Presentation Today In Abuja

The recently published book of Senator Ken Nnamani, of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2005 to 2007: STANDING STRONG: Legislative Reforms, Third Term and Other Issues of the 5th Senate, will be presented to the public today, Thursday, October 21, at the Conference Centre, Abuja.

According to a release signed by Declan Okpalaeke, Muhammadu Buhari will be the Special  Guest of Honour, while the former Chief of Staff and former Minister of Defence, Rtd. General T Y Danjuma is the of the occasion.

The book, which details Senator Nnamani’s as Senate and the reforms he brought to the National Assembly such as bringing more openness to legislative work in the 5th Senate, also gives a blow-by-blow account of the attempt to amend the 1999 Constitution to allow for a third term for then Olusegun Obasanjo. The ill-fated proposal  crashed on the floor of the Senate under Nnamani’s watch, to the delight of Nigerians.

Standing Strong also addresses the travails of leadership in Nigeria, the importance of executive-legislative balance, the dangers of the corruption of political processes, the of the Freedom of Information bill, the ceding of the Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon and other pressing national matters of the time.