Ramadan: Cleric admonishes Muslims to conform to principles of fasting

The Chief Imam of the University of Benin Central Mosque, Prof. Biliaminu Ayinde, called on Muslims to observe the ongoing Ramafan fast in conformity with the dictates of Allah.

Ayinde gave the counsel on in Benin during his Juma’at sermon before he led the congregation two raka’at prayer.

According to him, only those who fast in line with the tenets of the religion will be graciously rewarded here and in the hereafter.

He urged the faithful to eschew envy and enmity during and beyond the month of Ramadan, adding best way to seek forgiveness of sins from Allah is the period of Ramadan.

“We must be sincere with whatsoever we do that to do with the religion of Allah.

“We must signify and dignify our intention. We should fast in the way of the virtuous and righteous people.

“Though our society today is not friendly with all sorts of ills around, but we to try as much as possible to lower our gaze.

“We been ordered to control our tongues against lies, backbiting and false testimonies particularly in this holy month of Ramadan.

“Don’t look at opposite sex with lust, he said such behaviours destroyed and the supposed rewards,” he warned.

Besides, the cleric advised Muslims to increase supplications and act of worship during the month without wasting time on frivolities.

He also admonished the congregation to eat moderately while breaking fast and to eat from the lawful and not through forbidden means. (NAN)