China contributes TCM-based treatment protocols to global COVID-19 fight

China has introduced treatment protocols based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to more than 150 countries and regions as part of its contributions to the global COVID-19 fight.

The National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Thursday.

According to the administration, the country has also offered TCM products to more than 10 countries and regions and sent TCM professionals to help with the local COVID-19 fight in 28 countries and regions.

It said that TCM has been widely applied in treating COVID-19 patients in China, which has played an important role in easing patients’ symptoms, according to the administration.

COVID-19 pandemic caused by severe accute respiratory syndrome coronavirus has spread across the globe, posing an enormous threat to public health and safety.

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), in combination with Western medicine (WM), has made important and lasting contributions in the battle against COVID-19.

The public recognised the significant contributions of TCM for COVID-19, it serves as an evidence-based in-depth summary and analysis to facilitate understanding the true scientific value of TCM.(Xinhua/NAN)