Odinga: Saraki Applauds Kenyan Opposition Leader’s Declaration for President


Former President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has congratulated Kenyan opposition leader, Raila Odinga, who yesterday declared his intention to contest for the Presidency of Kenya.

In a video message specifically requested by Odinga, which was played to delegates of the Orange Democratic Movement at yesterday’s convention, Saraki congratulated his friend for taking the “bold step” to contest for his nation’s Presidency.

The former President of the Senate said:

“As you take the bold step today to declare your bid for the Presidency of your great country Kenya, under the Orange Democratic Movement, I am excited for you, your country, your forbears, and your family – encouraged by the bright future you are committed to delivering for the good people of Kenya.

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“You have shown over the years that you are a man that will stand up, to build bridges of peace, for democracy, human rights, and security – for what is right. Across the African continent, I am not alone in respecting and recognising that you have also demonstrated by your actions that no sacrifice is too much to make— and you are determined to make— towards improving the lives of the people of Kenya.

“As you begin this journey, I wish you, your family, and your supporters across Kenya, a peaceful and successful campaign. Good luck and Godspeed, my brother and my friend,” Saraki said.

Odinga, who first visited Saraki in 2016 while he was the Senate President, yesterday announced at his party’s convention that he would make his fifth bid for Kenya’s presidency in next year’s election. Before the declaration, he had written to Dr. Saraki requesting that the former Senate President record a video testimonial of his friendship with Odinga — which was shown to Orange Democratic Movement delegates at the convention in Kenya.

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