‘Nigeria is not a mistake’, says Tambuwal




Amidst the intractable conflicts being witnessed across Nigeria, Gov. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State has reaffirmed that the country is prominent and could be better if unity of all the federating units is cultivated and sustained.


Tambuwal stated this while signing into law the State’s Hisbah Commission Bill passed and submitted to him for assent by the Sokoto State House of Assembly.

Harping on recent happenings across the country, the Governor said: “we must learn from what has happened in the past, particularly in recent weeks and months, in this country.


“Our country is great, but that greatness can only be drived and showcased through our collective resolve to remain as one, law abiding and peaceful people that believe in our collective humanity; and our various abilities and endowments that can propel the development of this country.


Appealing to those that are still feeling aggrieved about the recent mayhem in the country “to sheathe their swords and embrace peace,” by devoting their energy to tackling “other challenges of development that are militating against our realizing our full potentials.”


“There is hardly any state in Nigeria whose potential if harnessed cannot be fully independent in terms of revenues, human and capital resources to develop fully beyond what we are having today. But because we often face mundane and primordial issues; and tend to further escalate small issues to assume very large dimension and proportions, we have been having this drawbacks.

“It is time for us to pull together in this country, jump start it, kick start it ad see what God has given us. I bet you, there is hardly any country that has been so endowed in the world as Nigeria,” Tambuwal observed.


He added that in many of the countries of the world, Nigerians with “intellectual capacity” are celebrated as their “their best professionals,” while the country boasts about abundant mineral resources, vast agricultural potentials and many other things “of value to mankind.”


“So, what is it that we are lacking? Nothing. But with tolerance, understanding and leadership… So, I appeal that we must, as we normally provide leadership in our respective homes, see this country as ours take it as ours and work with the rest of our brothers and sisters from wherever they come from, whatever leanings are are, be it cultural, religious, traditional; and work together because God doesnt make mistake,” he further added.


He also stressed that: “I am not among those who believe that Nigeria is a mistake. Nigeria is not a mistake. Nigeria is God’s own wish for all of us to work with and make it work. It can work and we must all put our hands together in order to make this country move.”