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Interview: We’re Using New Method To Curtail Crime – CP Abdulkadir


By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Crime has become a way of life for many. As an agency charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order, the Nigeria Police Force has in recent times been faced with the challenge of fighting criminal activities in our society.

Though a relatively peaceful state, Sokoto has had a couple of criminals to contend with.

The Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Abdulkadir goes out on patrol by himself. He has created five patrol teams to man five sections of Sokoto metropolis with each headed by him, Deputy Commissioner (DC), Assistant Commissioner, Operations (AC-Ops), Assistant Commissioner CID (AC-CID) and the Area Commander.

Abdulkadir told N in an exclusive chat that the teams begin their patrol by 11pm until 04am. “‎This became imperative in view of the need to curtail criminal activities in the state. Each team operates with three vehicles with which we comb all sections of the metropolis,” he said.

On why he personally engages in patrol, the CP said that as a Police man, he was trained to do all manner of work performed by officers of the Force.

‎According to Abdulkadir, “Don’t forget that I am a Policeman notwithstanding that I am the head of the Command. If we lead by example, the rank and file get motivated and puts his best, especially when it downs on him that his superior is with him.”

It is commendable ‎that since the patrol teams were formed on March 21, 2017, several arrests had been made and many unregistered vehicles impounded.

“We started the patrol on March 21, 2017 and we have so far made 59 arrests, screened 24 and charged 35 to court. We impounded 21 motor vehicles, screened 15 and freed five. Again, we impounded 20 motorcycles, screened 13 and freed seven,” he further told Newsdiaryonline.

On how the Command was achieving the feat, Abdulkadir said that officers and men of the Command were co-operating towards the fight against crime in the state. “The officers and men are being inspired by our participation in the patrols. Their spirits get heightened, especially when they see us around them. They work with extra zeal.”

Newsdiaryonline investigations before the interview found that the rank and file in the Command are happy with Abdulkadir’s humble disposition to them.

Five policemen who spoke with this reporter at different interviews and on condition of non-disclosure of identity, ‎told Newsdiaryonline that they enjoy working with the CP because of his humility. ‎Three corroborated with each other.

A corporal said: “This CP is so humble. ‎He listens to every policeman without regard to bureaucracy. If for example I tell the Provost that I want to see the CP and he takes me there, the man would listen to me and act appropriately.”

An inspector of police ‎said that “the CP is an exceptionally nice man. His way of doing this police work inspires me and many of my colleagues. The way he treats us makes us love the job. In fact, we now pride in being policemen. There are many things I have learnt since the CP came to Sokoto.”

Superintendent of Police (SP), El-Mustapha Sani, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) ‎told Newsdiaryonline that the new method has boosted crime prevention ‎in the state.

“On a general note, crime is abysmally low now in the state. The CP’s participation in patrols has helped and because of the man that he is, police officers and men are happy to work with him. He relates with every policeman in a way that suggests a united family. He hardly scolds any officer but corrects him,” Sani said.


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