CLO seeks strict implementation of anti-open grazing law in Anambra


The Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) has urged Anambra State government to go beyond signing its anti-open grazing law and ensure its strict implementation.

CLO chairman in Anambra, Mr Vincent Ezekwueme, made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Sunday.

Ezekwueme lauded Gov. Willie Obiano and the state’s House of Assembly for making the law possible.

The law was signed by Gov. Obiano on Oct. 21.

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According to Ezekwueme, the law is a strong life-saving and people-oriented legislation enacted by the Anambra State House of Assembly meant to assuage the yearnings and aspirations of Anambra people.

“The recently-signed law should not be a rhetoric or political statement, rather government and security agents should ensure its strict and judicious implementation.

“Pertinently, the religious implementations of the law will improve and ensure peaceful and harmonious coexistence between farmers, herders and the entire citizenry.

“It will also reduce farmers-herders clashes, protect lives, livestock, crops, cattle, improve food security and most importantly, it will ensure robust economy and unity in diversity,’’ he said.

Ezekwueme also called on Gov. Obiano to direct security agents to implement the law abolishing illegal collection of levies from hawkers and petty traders in the state.

He said the collection of illegal levies had driven many business people away from Anambra.

“This illegal activity is depriving government of needed revenue and sabotaging the economy of the state as well as also inflicting hardship on the citizenry.

“The perpetrators have inflicted and are still inflicting pain, sorrow, hardship and sufferings on the citizenry and visitors.

“Government should spare no efforts to rescue the state from the despicable and pathetic situation by prosecuting the perpetrators,’’ Ezekwueme stressed. (NAN)

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