‘The Truth’:Gov Wada Replies Kogi Elders

Published below is the  full text of Gov Idris Wada’s official  reaction to Kogi Elders who have told  President Goodluck Jonathan that the state is drifting:

“We are not interested in attacking their personalities but as elders of the state, one expects something better and more informed from them.

Let me start by explaining that ten months in the life of a four year tenure, is relatively too short to assess the performance of an administration. Even at that, we are conscious of the fact that a journey of a thousand years begins with just one step. I dare add that here in Kogi that important step is already being taken by the leadership of Capt. Idris Wada as shown in the following bullet points.

Governance is a continuous process. Thus, once on assumption of office, the Wada administration gave its words never to abandon any on going project of the previous administration. The governor has kept fate( sic) with that commitment. The government has committed good resources to the completion of the multi billion Naira Greater Lokoja Water Scheme which it inherited from the immediate predecessor. The scheme is still reticulating into every nook and crannies of the state capital which have hitherto not benefitted from it. The Chinese firm that constructed it is still being engaged for this final and maintenance services. In the same vein, projects like the second phase of the state secretariat, Confluence Beach Hotel extension, Confluence Stadium, the Felele Housing estate, several road and electrification projects in all the senatorial districts are receiving adequate attention.

Another thing that comes to mind is the restoration of sanity and discipline to government business and the society at large. The coming of the administration has built confidence in the mind of the citizenry about the ability of government to meet their yearnings and aspirations. The political landscape is being sanitized and cleansed from the demise of thuggery and youth restiveness.

In a similar development, the government has taken steps to enhance the beauty of Lokoja, the state capital. To achieve this, within the first three months in office, the administration established an environmental sanitation committee under the leadership of the Deputy Governor, Yomi Awoniyi, a respected architect and environmentalist. In a short while, the city was cleared of illegal and dilapidated structures not befitting of a state capital. Post Office, which is the central business area of the city was cleared of illegal makeshift shops, while a better alternative trading zone was provided at Obasanjo Square. As it were the traders are happier to conduct their business in the secured atmosphere that the square offers.

The Wada administration also brought finesse and style into governance by its populous (sic) decision of wide and constructive consultation before embarking on projects. One of the earliest assignments of the new governor, was the inauguration of the Think Tank committee. The committee was an assemblage of the best brains Kogi can offer in the academics and industry. At the end of the one month intensive session of the committee, the members came up with a blue print or a road map of the transformation agenda of the Wada administration. That document is still the scripture of the Wada/Awoniyi administration. No longer is government conducted on a hunch without proper articulation and risk assessment. Closely related to the Think Tank is another committee on smooth transition of power from the former administration and the new.

Granted that some of these activities are abstract and difficult to measure in physical terms, they have impacted positively on the overall welfare of the common man on the street.

Perhaps, it is in the area of education and human capital development that the government has taken is most decisive steps. Within his first week in office, Governor Wada embarked on familiarization tour and facility visits to all the tertiary institutions in the state. The visits took the governor to Kogi State University, Anyigba, College of Education Ankpa and the Kogi State Politechnic, Lokoja. The visits afforded the Governor the opportunity to know first- hand where the shoes pinch the institutions. As a fall out of the visits, hostel blocks  equipped with modern facilities are already being built in KSU and KPU.

Also of note is the regular payment of salaries and other emoluments to all categories of civil servants and political appointees.

There is also a strong youth empowerment scheme in the confluence state. Under the initiative, youths of varying academic background are trained in specific business skills and given substantial amount as take off grants. Many of the youths are now happily pursuing careers in the aground- allied industry. Conscious of the fact that health is wealth the Wada administration have been providing free health services across the 21 local councils of the state. The government in collaboration with a private voluntary health concern Cedio Health Outreach have(sic) been providing free medical and surgical services to those in need all over the state.

Jacob Edi,

Special Adviser

Media and Strategy.