The Jonathan Posters: Give Us A Break-CNPP

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By Osita Okechukwu

On the fuss generated by the latest President Goodluck Jonathan’s posters which donned Abuja streets on the New Year day, the Conference of Political Parties {CNPP} calls on the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} to give us a break; as every fool knows that President Jonathan is running for second term.

We are making this assertion based on the truism that it is simpler for President Jonathan to say capital NO, if he is not running; rather than the tongue-in-cheek answer in the last presidential media chat, which in simplicita means he is running.

We need a break from the cacophony of voices emanating from the PDP on this issue, as we careless whether or not he has launched his campaign; all we demand is that there should be free, fair and transparent elections in 2015. Most importantly that Mr President should not either covertly or overtly use his high office to manipulate the electoral process.

CNPP is only concerned with the protection of the inalienable right of our dear countrymen and women to elect leaders of their choice in 2015. We are least concerned on who becomes the presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} and therefore the intra-party-power tussle should not pollute our political landscape.

For those who engage in Do-or-Die battle to capture PDP presidential ticket  and rate it as election before the election, we advise they come out of such mundane thought; as the granite merger of the ACN, CPC, ANPP and other progressive forces will wipe out such hang-over.

CNPP also demands the implementation of the core recommendations of the Uwais Electoral Reform Committee Report, as Professor Attahiru Jega led Independent National Electoral Commission {INEC} is requesting for dictatorial powers to disqualify candidates, to muscle the opposition, and to cancel elections arbitrary as it did in 2011 National Assembly elections.

Osita Okechukwu

National Publicity Secretary


Being the text of a Press Statement ,  4 January 2013



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