Presidency Disowns Fake PIB-Official statement

The Presidency has noted with concern and dismay that a document alleged to be the new Petroleum Industry Bill is now in circulation and has even been published on some websites.

Before the country is assailed once again with talk about the promulgation of this very important national law being hindered yet again by the existence of multiple versions, the Presidency wishes to categorically disown the document currently being circulated and published as the new Petroleum Industry Bill.

Following the consideration and approval of its contents by the Federal Executive Council at its meeting last week, the authentic new Petroleum Industry Bill is still being finalized by relevant government departments and readied to be forwarded to the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Upon its delivery to the National Assembly under the official Seal of the President, the authentic new Petroleum Industry Bill will be available to all interested parties.

The general public and all stakeholders in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry are therefore advised to ignore the document currently in circulation as it is totally fake and lacking in authenticity.


Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)

July 16, 2012