PPA Gives Jonathan’s Regime “Pass Mark”

PPA LogoThe National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance PPA, Chief Sam Nkire has given President Goodluck Jonathan pass mark in his first two years as an elected president of Nigeria. While reviewing the of the Federal Government in the past two years Chief Nkire said he had no doubt in his mind President Jonathan performed above average in some areas such as economy
and partly security in 2013.

According to the PPA National Chairman, President Goodluck Jonathan to do more in areas such as job creation, infrastructure and policies impact on the welfare of the people. Chief Nkire maintained PPA does not regret adopting Jonathan as its presidential candidate in 2011 but suggested President Goodluck Jonathan should adopt policies that tend to reduce government expenditure on civil servants and politicians in order to save for the well-being of the ordinary Nigerians who are neither civil servants nor politicians.

The PPA boss commended President Jonathan over his zero tolerance stance to terrorism and crime while urging him to take any lawful action he deemed fit, in order to maintain peace and keep Nigeria as united where no is oppressed or molested.

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