Oshiomhole faults INEC’s election time-table

oshiomoleEdo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has faulted the 2015 General Elections time-table recently released by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), saying it leaves a loophole for election rigging.

Speaking to reporters in Asaba, Delta State, after a stakeholders’ meeting of the All Progressives Congress on Tuesday ,Oshiomhole said “Nigerians cannot afford to continue to be a laughing stock even by West African standard”.

According to him, there are assumptions that elections will be rigged and therefore people are worried. INEC has to recognize that what determines the outcome of a match is the conduct of the referee and not necessarily the attitude of the players.

“I don’t understand why INEC wants to climb the tree from the top; they do recognize they have some explanations to make. Common sense demands that you climb a tree from the bottom for good reason.

“In any case, we are in this particular phase of democracy for fifteen years since 1999. What makes the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the collection of the Federating States.

“When you want to do Presidential Election first, and you are deviating from an old pattern, you have some explanations to do.

“But it is more so when under this particular leadership of INEC that they did National Assembly Election first last time, people did complain that they ought to begin with the House of Assembly.

“If you know you still have to do some test- running, you rather try some test-running with smaller units because the governorship election will not be taking place in the 36 States. The election into the Houses of Assembly can’t be as problematic as the Presidential election.

“INEC has to convince us that their policies have been formed by strategy they can speak to, that they need to speak to it by the commitment to deliver on free and fair election.

He said “all the noise that have heated up the polity points to the fact that the political class still take the people for granted, he maintained.

While urging the leadership of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to have a retrospective view of the already released time table, Governor Oshiomhole stressed that conducting the election from House of Assembly to Governorship and National Assembly before Presidential Election would pay-off for the 2015 election.

Governor Oshiomhole however commended the leadership of All Progressive Congress (APC), Delta State in their firm zeal and determination to move the party forward in the State.

He said “when you have a party that is not organized around godfathers, where you recognize that the party is about the people, free people must necessarily engage in free contestation because party and democracy is about contestation of ideas and not monologue but dialogue”, he stressed.

Governor Oshiomhole maintained that the All Progressive Congress (APC) is different from other parties based on its principle of popular participation, all inclusiveness rather than politics of exclusion.

He called on Deltans to come out and register in the forth coming APC membership registration exercise in the State slated for Wednesday 5thFebruary, 2014.

….Vows to fish out Killer cop

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has assured the relations of a truck driver, Odion Egbon, who was shot dead, allegedly by police bullets in Benin City on Saturday, that the culprits will be fished out to face the law.

The Governor who made the promise on Tuesday when he received family members of the 35-year-old late driver at the Government House said “I want to express my condolences to the family of the Late Odion Egbon. From the narration, a trigger happy policeman killed him. Our laws are clear. Nobody has the right to take the life of another person except as prescribed by the Constitution of Nigeria. Whether you are in uniform or out of uniform,
we are all duty bound to respect the laws of the land.

“From the narrative, it is clear that the man was inside his truck and there was no scuffle or whatever, so clearly this was one death that was completely avoidable. The same day the incident happened, the Commissioner of Police called to brief me about this very sad incident and he assured me that everything is being done to apprehend those policemen regardless of
whichever unit they belong to.

“We have a duty not only to protect lives and properties but also to ensure that law enforcement agencies recognise that they too are under the law and they have no right to do this sort of thing that they did.”

Oshiomhole said, “I want to assure you that both the Edo State Government and the Police are doing everything as we speak to track down those policemen who are alleged to be involved in this murder. I have every reason to believe that we will get them and they will be brought to justice.

“We will continue to ensure that the protection of the rights of citizens particularly the right to life is respected by all agencies of government, whether it be Federal, State or Local. I assure you that the police are already doing everything possible to ensure that they are brought to justice.

The Governor who condole with the family on the sad incidence said “to say that it is painful is an understatement and I share your pains, and your grief and the feelings in your heart that someone who went about his business found himself being killed in his truck.”

The Governor however appreciated the family for not taking the law into their hands saying “the kind of situation would have been enough to trigger a violent protest. So please, don’t take laws into your hands. Everything is being done and I believe the outcome will be satisfactory”, he assured.

Earlier, the Spokesman of the family and younger brother of the deceased, Mr. Efosa Egbon said they were in Government House to inform the Governor of the sad incidence and seek that justice be done on the extra judicial killing of their brother.

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