No alternative to Democracy- David Mark

senate_president__david_mark 600President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has taken stock of the democratic Journey so far and submitted that there is no alternative to democracy as a system of government.
Senator Mark in a good will message to Nigerians to mark this year’s democracy day noted that irrespective of short comings, Nigerians have by choice and design accepted the democratic culture.
Senator David Mark was of the opinion that Nigeria as a nation has overcome the teething problem of democracy and was ready to move on.
According to Senator David Mark “we had the initial birth pain of this democratic arrangement. Fourteen after, I can submit that we have matured; we are consolidating and moving on.
“Differences of Political Affiliation, or religion, notwithstanding no Nigerian can deny the fact that democracy is now the way of ”.
Senator Mark assured that the Senate and indeed National Assembly will continued to lay a solid democratic framework for the executive to deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizenry.
“We shall continue to co-operate with the executive arm of government without compromising on our independence.
We are mindful of the fact that we must maintain mutual co-operation for effective delivery of dividends of democracy. We shall do our part honestly, fairly and with the fear of God.
Senator David Mark maintained that the National Assembly would not its constitutional mandate on oversight function, and legislation to make much better for the ordinary man.
Senator Mark tasked Nigerians to put Nation in prayer at all times to over the challenges especially insecurity, “because we need peace, we need each for unity and progress”
He thanked the Nigerian people for patience and co-operation, so far, saying that democracy demands that both the governed and government play their parts to make the system .
As the President of the Senate, Senator Mark assured” I will continue to discharge my assignment, in a manner that will bring pride and honour to Nigerians.

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