We Must Make The Project Nigeria Work-Mark

senate_president__david_mark 600In spite of divergent opinions among Nigerians on the journey of the nation since independence in 1960, President of the Senate, Senator David Mark has remarked that Nigeria has made appreciable progress worth commending, the challenges not withstanding.

Senator Mark in a goodwill message to Nigerians to mark the 53rd Independence anniversary, said although “we are yet to get to the level of our dreams, nobody can deny the fact that we have recorded some land mark achievements since the colonial masters left our shores.

” Besides the infrastructural developments across the country , we now have skilled and qualified manpower in virtually all fields of human endeavour “.

Senator Mark therefore implored Nigerians to renew hope and faith in the capacity and capabilities of our people to rise to a level when citizens could enjoy an internationally acceptable standard of living thus earning the status of a developed nation .

He called for support and cooperation of all Nigerians in the task of nation-building, saying, “all of us may not be good doctors, good lawyers , good writers or good engineers but we can all contribute our quota where we have comparative advantages to make our country a better place.

” We must therefore strive to harness our human and material resources in a way and manner that would engender development in all ramifications.”

Senator Mark noted with pains the challenges especially the insecurity situation facing the nation and canvassed for a review of approaches in order to end the menace . He recalled the setbacks occasioned by the 30 months old civil war fought with blood, tears and sweat , various ethno-religious conflicts and kidnapping and prayed for wise counsel to prevail.

To him, ” we are all stakeholders and we should see the nation and indeed Project Nigeria as our own because nobody destroys what he or she owns”.

He expressed optimism that Nigeria will over come all these challenges but was quick to point out that the antidote to it is justice to all irrespective of ethnic, religious or political leanings , fairness and equitable distribution of national resources.

“One thing is certain that no matter the misgivings ,all Nigerians have come to accept that one united, indivisible nation is far better than a fragmented one. Therefore, it becomes incumbent on all of us to do our utmost best honestly to make the project Nigeria work”, he stressed.

As head of the Nigerian legislature, Senator Mark assured that legislation will always be guided by the genuine wishes and aspirations of the citizenry emphasizing that people is the fulcrum of legislations.

It was by choice and design that Nigeria chose democracy as the best form of government that is truly participatory and therefore assured of a working synergy between and among the three arms of government to fast track dividends of democracy to the citizenry, he stated.

Democracy promotes and indeed guarantees respect for human right , freedom and rule of law which must of a necessity be upheld if we must make progress .

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