Makarfi felicitates with Christians on Easter

Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi has conveyed felicitations to Christian community in Nigeria on the celebration of Easter festivity.
A statement by his Aide, Mukhtar Zubairu Sirajo said “Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi conveys his warm felicitation to the Nigerian Christian community, and indeed all Nigerians on this auspicious occasion of the Easter celebrations in memory of the legendary spirit of sacrifice and selflessness espoused and exhibited by Jesus Christ.
“The Senator believes that it is imperative that this period is used by all for meditation and sober reflections on the life and times of Jesus Christ and his sacrifices, with a view to imbibing, the legacies of which included, but not limited to humility, forgiveness, tolerance, good neighbourliness, respect and empathy for others’ feelings as well as love for one another.
“It is also Senator Makarfi’s firm belief that the application of these virtues taught and lived by Jesus Christ is direly needed now more than  at any time in the history of this country as we grapple with challenges of poverty, divisiveness and mutual distrust and suspicion, which have crept into the psyche of the country from only-God-knows-where,” it read.
He appealed to all Nigerians to “eschew bitterness and recommit to those noble ideals of unity in diversity for which we used to be known until very recently, believing that a return to those wonderful days is not only desirable but also possible and doable.”
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