Kaduna Electric Maintains Highest Standards On Projects

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Team Lead, Power System Planning of the Kaduna Electric Distribution Company Engr. Hamisu Ishaq Usman has asserted that the equipment and materials used in the execution of projects by the company are not only in compliance with the requirements of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) but in line with the highest international standards.

He added that quality assurance in the company for all projects starts from the design to the final execution is being subject rigorous vetting.

“Our team inspects and analyses every project from inception to ascertain that we have the capacity to accommodate it”.

Usman disclosed that even when contractors are involved, Kaduna Electric ensures that such contractors get a certificate of approval from NEMSA after a first line of analysis/inspection from the company.

“Even after they have presented an approval certificate we still go for another round of inspection to ensure that it meets our Internal Standard which is an addition to the government approved requirement”.

He emphasized that the company discourages the use of substandard materials pointing out that used/refurbished transformers and rusted Cross Amps are unacceptable.

“We insist on the use 150mm Aluminum Conductor and galvanized Earth Rod as stated in our first approval letter which we observe to the highest international standards. We also recognize these installations are our asset; therefore the right materials must be used as part of a cost-effective strategy. We only connect projects certified by NEMSA. If the Agency doesn’t certify we don’t connect”.

Concerning procurement process to ensure compliance with the highest quality, Usman said there is a committee in charge of inspecting the materials to ensure that they meet the company’s standard.

Kaduna Electric, he said, has gone a step further by ensuring that it digitalizes the process of project execution whether internal or when contractors are involved.

“The documentation process involving planning, design, costing and approval stages would be done on an Online Application and Software to make the process easier and faster. Sometimes we use Kaduna Electric Geo-Spatial Mapping (KEGIS) in order to eliminate the long bureaucratic process regardless of distance” he said.


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