Janjaweed: We stand by our statement – PDP replies APC

pdplogoThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said has said it stands by its statement that the APC is pursuing a Janjaweed ideology adding that the road map unveiled by the opposition party last week was “a roadmap to perdition.”

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Sunday blasted the APC for alleging that the ruling engaged in Islamaphobia in its earlier statement where it described the APC ideology as a Janjaweed product.

The PDP maintained that the ideology of APC is the same as the Janjaweed as well as the Anti-Balaka and the Seleka of the Central African Republic whose ideology is completely anarchists.

The ruling party insisted that it will be out of place for any body to associate APC with Islam or any other religion for that matter adding that no religion encourages the promotion of violence, greed, destruction and lust for power which are the trademarks of the APC.

Charging the APC to stop the heinous attempt at hiding under Islam to curry public sympathy, the PDP said the APC has since shown that it is a party that has no respect for Islam adding that no true Muslim would identify with a party made up of anarchists bound together by the lust to power and desperation to rule by any means including shedding of blood.

Stating that the PDP has more committed muslims, and who are worshipping Allah in truth more than the APC, the statement noted that the PDP is led by a very dedicated muslim as National Chairman and who replaced another prominent muslim National Chairman.

The party went ahead to state that it has responsible and committed muslims as ministers, state governors, legislators and its leaders in the national, state, local government and ward levels across the country.

The PDP noted that in working tirelessly to ensure that they make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan, the APC has shown that they do not believe the truth in the Koran that power belongs only to Allah and that, in His infinite grace and wisdom, He gives power to anybody he chooses.

On the roadmap unveiled by the APC, the PDP insisted that it is not worth discussing as it was evidently rushed out without proper homework. The ruling party described the document as wishy-washy, lacking in depth and character and failed to address any issue.

It said the APC should desist from deceiving the people with empty promises as contained in some of the items in the roadmap. It pointed out that while the roadmap promised free education, students in Lagos state have been on the streets protesting imposition of high school fees by the state where the people are also groaning under the burden of heavy taxes to finance the wasteful lifestyle of APC leaders.

The PDP added that it is most curious that the APC with 16 states under their control have not been able to implement any of its Janjaweed ideology as state governments are constitutionally empowered to attempt implementation of almost all the 7 cardinal programmes launched by APC.

The party ended by stating that the “APC actually launched 7(seven) cardinal SINS against the national interest namely; 1. Deceit and propaganda, 2. Violence and destruction. 3. Lust for power. 4. Greed for money and insatiable acquisition of wealth. 5. Multiple and over-taxation. 6. Promotion of religious/tribal divisions and 7. Lack of respect for democratic tenets and principles.”

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