Goodluck Should Forget Running 2015 -By Uboho Eshiet

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It is most unfortunate that Nigeria  has been led for all of its post-independence history  by unprepared and unpatriotic rulers.From Tafawa Belewa to the present Goodluck administration, the nation has been given sore wounds by presidents with Nigerians lamenting painfully from the wounds of leadership.

Truly, as recent events have shown , the Goodluck led administration lacks visions and ideas that can bring the nation out from its present woes- lack of stable electricity, unemployment that is the highest ever (83% of graduates unemployed), insecurity, and corruption that can be comparable to the Ibrahim Babangida era to mention but a few .Goodluck has failed Nigerians and therefore should honourably bow out  from re-contesting in 2015.

Again, all patriotic and reasonable Nigerians can agree on the fact that the Southeast  and indeed the Igbos are the most cheated on the issue of the presidency of this nation. Azikiwe held ceremonial powers, Aguyi- Ironsi last only six months and no Igbo till date has tested the elected presidential power, history therefore  is on the side of the Igbos to produce  a president that can lead Nigeria out of our present shameful state to (become a  true) giant of Africa.

I and the Greater Nigeria Movement (GNM) will work with the Orji Uzor Kalu led organization – ‘NJIKO IGBO” to ensure that an Igbo man  lead this country by 2015. This is a task that must be done. It goes beyond  rhetoric  , the gods  are in support of it.  I look on to seeing Orji Kalu lead Nigeria as president, my organization is going to make this objective a realizable aim. The strategy that we are  going to use shall be unfolded by early next year.

The Goodluck administration is almost returning Nigeria to the topmost position on the Transparency International list as most corrupt. For instance , the report by Punch that more than  5 trillion naira has been stolen under this government .The Malaysian Ambassador openly wrote the president accusing the FCT Minister of soliciting plots of land and interest in the Malaysian Garden Estate . The former , by all indication is credible, but president Goodliuck has not suspended or investigated the minister.

We know that the above is just a tip of iceberg  .  To hell with vision- less administration that continues to inflict the people with suffering and hardship. Let”s  work with Orji Kalu and NJIKO IGBO  to bring Nigeria out of economic (doldrums). It is only an Igbo presidency that will put Nigeria among the most industrialized in the world. Greater Nigeria Movement(GNM) IS CALLING ON ALL patriotic Nigerians to join the great move to freedom.

Uboho Eshiet, Founder GNM     


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