Forum Supports Jonathan For 2015 Race

President-Goodluck-jonathan 600A new group,Goodluck Voters Forum(GVF) has emerged from its inaugural Council meeting in Abuja, urging President Goodluck Jonathan to contest for a second term in the 2015 elections, “based on his current achievements”, stating that those opposing the re-election of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan if he decides to run are either ignorant of current developments in the country or are unpatriotic elements who are just interested in running down the administration before
Nigerians because of their selfish interests of occupying Aso Rock in 2015.

Reading a communiqué adopted by the Council in Abuja, the National Coordinator of the group,Engr. Esanerovo Agbodo stated that the voters group has come to stay and the era where politicians deceive voters is over in Nigeria with the emergence of GVF. “Nigerian politicians should desist from the primitive politics that brands anybody in the opposition or persons who do not share their views as enemies. There is nothing wrong if a citizen aspires to become the president of Nigeria but such a person should work hard and present innovative ideas to get the support of Nigerians and not recourse to stale arguments of unhealthy power equation formula that have not helped Nigeria in any way since independence.

Also,he said that Nigerians from every divide should desist from the politics of supporting one region against the other but work for a greater nation. Nigerians should come together to make our nation even greater that the United States of America through hard work and patriotism and not allowing self imposed regional leaders divide us with unnecessary ethnic or religious sentiments that are meant to divide and rule the people with the sole aim of achieving their selfish desires and not even the development for the regions they claim to represent.
“We are supporting this government based on an independent assessment carried out by Goodluck Voters Forum not just in books but through physical observations. The President has done well and has continually shown commitment to addressing the challenges facing Nigeria in all the states of the federation and also for the total development of Nigeria without ethnic or religious bias.

In response to the President’s commitment, we have also decided to commit ourselves to adequately informing Nigerian voters on the achievements so far made by this administration and also support it to achieve more. On this note, we urge Nigerians, especially registered voters to study and follow the policies and achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan administration to understand where it is going rather than criticize without adequate information”, he added.
“We know Nigerians have suffered over the years from bad governance and therefore are impatient on the issues of development, but from what we have seen of the administration, President Goodluck should be supported by all Nigerians to achieve more for the country. The rails
are being revamped, roads being constructed all over the nation, Agriculture given its right of place through adequate fertilizer distribution and good policies, power generation and distribution soon
to be the best ever achieved in Nigeria, fuel scarcity a thing of the past and new refineries in the making,serious measures are being put in place to ensure a world standard educational system, proper financial management through a more effective Ministry of Finance among other achievements in less than three years is no mean feat by the Goodluck Jonathan administration and any one in doubt should verify these records just as we verified”, he concluded.

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