EXCLUSIVE:How Sambo ‘Used And Dumped’ Us – Ex-Loyalists


By Danlami Nmodu

It was the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party,PDP,Adamu Muazu  who stunned Nigerians recently when he admitted  openly what many insiders have considered the undoing of the party’s chieftains :the proclivity to use and dump members and loyalists.

During the inauguration of Ahmadu Ali-led PDP Presidential campaign organization in Abuja recently,Muazu dropped the bombshell accusing the party of “injustice”.

Telling truth to power in the most unexpected  way,the national chairman said“Mr. President, I want you to discuss with your governors,   senators, members of the House of Representatives and other elected officials.

National growth LS

“We say that members of the PDP should not be used and dumped again. People leave the party because of lack of equity or injustice.

“Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop. That must stop. This time round, monkey must work and monkey must eat.

“A lot of people who left (our party) did so because of injustice in our party. The party is full of injustice.

“The membership of the APC,   LP, APGA and others are increasing because of this. All these members are from our party. We must find out what is wrong and correct it.”He got a standing ovation at the end of his presentation.

Newsdiaryonline has learned that the “use and dump” syndrome has been a major  problem  which has caused the defections   of members  not only  at the federal level but also in some states.

Exclusive reports reaching Newsdiaryonline indicate that Vice President Namadi Sambo   has particularly lost many loyalists  after they felt “used and dumped”.Some of them have felt so frustrated that they have quit politics and are in private business full-time; after working for the success of Sambo in Kaduna only to be dumped at the state level.Worse still, one victim of sambo’s  use and dump act claimed that  even when he came to Abuja as vice president, only people who belong  to his ex-college circles were found worthy of  compensation,leaving those who felt they gave their all in ensuring his success at the polls in Kaduna frustrated.

“I was used and dumped.I don’t want to have anything to do with these people.Some of us have gone into private businesses.”one  self confessed  “victim”  told Newsdiaryonline under condition of anonymity.

“I can tell you that many people who are not in  private business have aligned themselves with the opposition all along instead of  PDP.It’s terrible”,he said.

Sources revealed   that one typical  example    ex-loyalist  of Sambo who was dumped  afterward was the   case of Major Bilyaminu Musa Mohammed (retired)  and his intelligence  boys.

Insiders told Newsdiaryonline that  during the 2007 gubernatorial election campaigns,Major Bilya as he is popularly called was the director “ int& sy”(intelligence and security  ) of the presidential /gubernatorial campaign in Kaduna state.He was said to have been so effective that  he received several letters of commendation from Sambo’s Mutunchi 2007 gubernatorial campaign.

Newsdiaryonline sighted three of such letters.Two were endorsed   personally by Sambo while a third one was signed by Alhaji Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi,director General,Kaduna State PDP Campaign Committee (Mutunchi 2007)

One of the letters signed by Sambo after his election as governor   was addressed to “Maj Bilya Mohammed.” Titled :”Letter of Appreciation and Commendation”, the letter signed by Arch Namadi Mohammed Sambo Governor-elect,dated 16 April,2007  said “ I wish to congratulate you and commend your worthy contribution  towards winning the gubernatorial elections.As we count  our gains, we must not relent our efforts towards the last lap of the election”

“May Almighty God strengthen us all as we strive to deliver our beloved state,on this last lap of the elections”.

Newsdiaryonline learned further that Major Bilya and his intelligence and  security team were however  were dumped afterwards.Sources  said  that after the elections, several developments  in Sambo’s Kaduna caused disquiet within the ranks of   Bilya’s  boys  in the intelligence and security directorate of Kaduna PDP campaign.

Our sources said perhaps having  seen the signs of  abandonment, Bilya also begn to seek ways of  taking care of himself elsewhere.So he started shuttling between Kaduna and Abuja.This  got his boys angry and they decided to   cry out in writing  about their growing frustration about the emerging signs of being used and dumped by the Mutunchi 2007 campaign.

Six members of the directorate of Intelligence and Security of the Mohammed  Sambo Gubernatorial Campaign Organization Kaduna   wrote a petition dated 27th July,2007 which they addressed  to   the ir director  ,Major Bilya.The petition was signed by E.Dennis, secretary,Usman Sani ,liason officer,Ibrahim Ahamdu,asst in. officer, Isa Babajo Yakassi,coordinator zone 1,Bashir Kokori,coordinator zone11 and Donatus Adamu,coordinator zone 111 for members  of the directorate.

The three-page petition  enumerated the boys’ tale of woes after successfully prosecuting the 2007 general elections in the state.They recalled that during the inauguration of the team ,Sambo  “promised that when victory is achieved, the contributions of the members of the directorate will not go unrewarded”.

“Sir”, they wrote to Bilya  “we your directorate members worked and toiled Day and Night towards ensuring the success of the party at the polls.We contributed immensely and we were commended by all and sundry”We were never found wanting.

“We  were usually the first to report for work and the last to close, we were the ones in Open vans working against all odds and weather inclement(sic) we were there providing security reports and close body protection to His Excellency,we were there combating and battling down all opposition at campaign venues,we were there when our security vehicle somersaulted five times only for us to be saved by divine intervention…”

They reminded their director about aow his house was  almost burnt down and  he had to move his family to safety because  of threats from the opposition.”We were there when we lost Sqaudron Leader S.K Mohammed” they noted.

But ,they also  said “sir the elections are over, victory is achieved and yet it appears the situation is changing.It is becoming everyone for himself and God for us all.This write up is therefore  necessitated  by the turn of  events after victory was achieved.”

They complained about Bilya’s absence,which they thought was because of his confidence in Sambo and his promise “but we would like to bring to your notice that at the rate things are going,it appears  everyone is only concerned about himself and his own members.”

The boys predicted that Bilya might “be schemed out”.And  Newsdiaryonline learnt that,  indeed many loyalists who worked for Sambo were schemed out and “they have  left him”.Some of the estranged  ex-loyalists who toiled for him during that campaign according to sources  included,  Engr.Namadi Musa in charge of logistics,Dr Durun Guwa also of logistitics unit,Makiah Tokwak among others and one Audi among others.

It was also  gathered that Sambo who  is currently the vice president and his the presidential running mate of PDP’s  candidate,President Goodlck Jonathan has been making efforts of late to reach out to some of  his ex- loyalists.One of those contacted told Newsdiaryonline  that  he politely  turned down the attempt to bring him closer .Another source said Sambo will do all within his means to regain their confidence.One of his associates recently described the vice president as a silent achiever.

There are clear signs too that the vice president has made new friends who are also making the case for him as the 2015 campaigns hot up.A recent evidence was a statement last weekend by some young turks who are fiercely defending him.

Group Opts For Sambo, Rejects Elders’ Position

The Northern Emancipation Network (NEN) has reiterated the region’s firm support for Vice-President Mohammed Namadi Sambo and frowned at recent claims for the adoption of General Muhammadu Buhari as the North’s sole presidential candidate by a certain group of elders.

Reacting to media statements credited to the spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi that the North would only settle for the presidency, NEN’s Coordinator Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said  he saw nothing wrong having a loyal northerner in the number two position while the region prepares for the presidency in 2019.

In a statement released in Abuja   last Friday, Suleiman said the North should rather reciprocate the retention of Sambo on the Peoples Democratic Party presidential ticket by President Goodluck Jonathan  rather than go on a wild goose chase that could further darken its political future.

According to Suleiman, Professor Abdullahi was merely dragging the region and the northern elders into his personal war for ascendancy which must be resisted.

He advised member of the Northern Elders Forum to reclaim their statesmanship by not allowing people like Professor Abdullahi to push it into appearing to attempt taking unilateral partisan decisions for the region.

Suleiman challenged Professor Abdullahi’s locus standi for referring to others as pickpockets given his shaky antecedents with regards public accountability and probity while he was Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and as head of Obasanjo’s Food Security Commission.

“Those living in glass houses should always avoid throwing stones about,” Suleiman cautioned and reminded Professor Abdullahi to know when to keep on fighting and the time to beat a retreat.

What this means is that though Sambo may have lost some ex loyalists, there are also new turks still ready to stick out their necks for him.How much electoral value  this will yield in  the February 2015 general elections remain to be seen.Sambo has said he expect massive victory for the PDP in Kduna.

Only time will tell.

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