Confab: Let’s Emulate US,Germany–Kalu

kalu  700As debate rages over the nations’ long overdue Sovereign National Conference,former Abia state governor Dr.Orji Uzor Kalu Tuesday advised compatriots to look the way of such developed economies as the United States and Germany.

Kalu insisted that in spite of differences and multiplicity of backgrounds,both nations chose to remain united instead of breaking up.

He said,”Nigeria cannot afford to break up now.What we need to do is ,sit down and tell ourselves the truth that will enable us stay as one nation. America is one out of many,that is the strongest economy globally.Europe’s strongest economy Germany, is also made up of diverse groups.”

Germany according to him is peopled by such groups as Franks,Saxons,Bavarians,Swabians,East Prussians,Pomernians,Silesians and Brandenburgers.

And quoting American diplomat W. Tapley Bernet [Jnr.],Kalu said,”the United States represents an act of will,it is not a homogenous ethnic nation.”

The ex-governor reminded Nigerians that that the proposed Confab would be the first by Nigerians, without extraneous influence.

“Under the British,we were more interested in self rule.In Aburi, we were insincere.Now we can fix our country so that the law does not grind the poor.No more ‘monkey dey work,baboon dey chop’.Nigeria belongs to Ayo and Amaka as much as it belongs to Amina.

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