Zamfara Assembly: Bill on financial autonomy passes second reading

The bill to enact law for state house of assembly’s financial autonomy passed second reading.

Members of the House on Thursday commenced deliberations on the bill during the assembly’s plenary following a motion moved by the Majority Leader, Alhaji Faruk Dosara.

Dosara said that the law for granting the state assembly’s financial autonomy became necessary for the legislature to perform its duties effectively.

“We are all aware of the importance of financial autonomy to for discharging our duties.

“If we can recall, President Muhammad Buhari had in June, 2018 signed the bill for granting financial autonomy to state assemblies into law.

“Financial autonomy is very crucial to the activities of the state assemblies, state legislature can not operate independently without financial autonomy.

“I am therefore appealing to this house to give this bill its and second reading and then refer it to the appropriate committee for scrutiny,” he said.

The members of the house unanimously agreed with the motion through voice voting.

The Speaker of the house, Alhaji Nasiru Magarya who presided over the plenary, directed the Clerk of the house, Alhaji Abdullahi Bayaro to give the bill its and second reading.

Magarya then directed the House Committee on Rules and Businesses to study the bill, make necessary corrections and report to the house in two weeks.

Meanwhile, the assembly directed the State Ministry of Commerce and the Hizbah Commission to investigate use of vulgar language and pornographic pictures by herbalists advertising their products in the markets.

This followed the complaint raised on the matter by the Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Alhaji Nasiru Bello-Lawal (PDP, Bungudu West) under matters of urgent public importance.

Bello-Lawal noted that the manner at which traditional medicine sellers conducted their business in the state for great concern.

“The vulgar language and pornographic pictures is a big threat to morality of our children. Their business activities is not in line with the culture and of the people of the state.

“I am therefore appealing to this house to do something in this regard,” he said.

In his response, the Speaker said was practicing Islamic legal system, therefore any business activities outlawed by Islam would not be accepted in the state.

“I am therefore directing the state Hisbah Commission to urgently investigate the matter and report back to the house with immediate effect,” the Speaker insisted. 

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