Yuletide: Share kindness with less privileged, Catholic bishop urges Nigerians

As Christians celebrate the Yuletide, , Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo has urged Nigerians to share kindness with the less privileged.

Badejo gave the advice in a statement he made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday.

Badejo also advised all Nigerians, including political, economic, social, religious and traditional leaders to do good and bring good news to all around them.








He said that the jubilation, singing and dancing, lights, colours, hope, joy, and even the exchange of gifts that normally characterise this period must focus on Jesus and on those around us, especially, the less endowed.

“Let us reach out and share what joys and good things we can according to our capacity because that is the spirit of Jesus and of Christmas.

“God gave his son, Mary gave her life, Joseph gave his freedom, the angels gave their adoration, the shepherds gave their time and even the owner of the manger gave what he could then,” he said.








He said that to celebrate the season, people should give to others as much as they had received from God.

“Give your best out of love and not just of what is left. None must come empty-handed, everyone can give something for prisoners, the sick, the aged, the lonely,” the bishop said.

He said that the current happenings around the world, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, insurgency, violence and kidnappings should not stop the cellebration and rhythm of the Immanuel, meaning : “God with us.”






Badejo also advised Nigerians to thank God that Christmas can not be locked down by any power.

“It is the fulfilment of God’s promise to send us a saviour to save us from our sins and that is truly a cause for joy.

“Let us celebrate Christmas and rejoice like many before us did and like many after us will, but all according to our means,” Badejo said.

“Let the media bring good news to all. Let families and relatives bring good news to one another because this is much needed in our violent, sad, unjust and depressing world.








“Make the world better through your wealth, position, status and talent and you will experience the mercy of God which Jesus has brought. We all will benefit from a happier country,” he said.

The bishop called on all who lived on the fringes of society to change their ways because Jesus loves everyone and would always give peace.







“Terrorists, kidnappers, robbers, killers, whatever may be your crime, Jesus loves everyone and you too can do good for your country and for humanity. You deserve the joy and peace of Christmas,” he said.

He added that it was not too late for Nigeria to become the place of cosmic harmony which prophet Isaiah described, if only we all sustained the spirit of Christmas. (NAN)

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