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Youth, Women Are Taraba’s Finest Blessings, Says Gov Ishaku

Darius Ishaku
Darius Ishaku: Taraba State Governor

The best God given endowments of Taraba state are not even its abundant natural resources but the youths and women, Governor Darius Ishaku, has said. The governor noted that his hope for the future is anchored on the activities of the two demographies.

In his Father’s Day good will statement signed by Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, Governor Ishaku maintained that Taraba state is lucky to have young people with brilliant views and creative ideas. He said, “our youths are making me proud by the day. They have vision, focus and direction. I have observed, as a lecturer myself, their keen thirst for knowledge which shows in the enrolment figures and admissions I see. I’m particularly proud of their dedication to good governance by always advancing ideas to us on what they think is best for Taraba state. I don’t take their views lightly as I’m honoured to listen to their assessment of what we are doing. I must add that their resilience is also heartwarming. Through out this tough period, many of them have shunned the temptation for criminality. Rather they have engaged in worthy ventures to keep body and soul together. While I commend these efforts, the truth is I think daily of how to bridge the unemployment gap. Every thing I do for the state is with the view to create jobs. When we revived the Kakara tea industry I was glad to find out that more youths and women got their jobs back. I met over 20 dead industries and have revived five so far. They are generating jobs for young people. We have also sent young people to Kenya to be trained.”

The governor, who would on Thursday, the 22nd of June, 2017, sit at a roundtable with the youth, said any government ignoring youths is doomed to failure. He said, “I’ve maintained a cordial relationship with our young people. And my hope is to see them take over from us the older ones. I look forward to giving them greater access to positions of leadership. But my biggest investment in them remain in the area of education and training. This is key to building capacity.”

On women, the governor said that they are the mothers of civilisation. He said, “I respect the leadership men are providing as bread winners but I won’t be wrong to say you can accurately guage the success or failure of any society based on how women are treated. Women are the architects of civilisation through out history. That’s why our government is finding new ways to constantly engage women in governance and give them the pride of place. Taraba women have been exceptional in their support. I don’t take it for granted and I’m glad they are cooperating. When you touch the life of a woman positively, you are imparting on a whole generation. We shall continue to churn out policies that would impact on the lives of women.”


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