Youth assembly condemns killing of 23 Africans on Moroccan-Spain border 

The African Youths Assembly, has condemned the alleged killing of 23 Africans at the Moroccan-Spain border.Mr Mathew Naankin, Speaker of the assembly in the West African Region, condemned the incident in a statement on Monday in Jos.

Naankin said that the people were allegedly killed on June 24, while attempting to cross the Melilla Chain-linkfence.According to him, the act contravenes the international convention on the protection of the right of migrants and workers across the region.“The leadership of the African Youth Assembly, with its continental Secretariat in Mombasa, Kenya, through its West African Regional Speaker from Nigeria, condemns the gruesome killing of 23people at the Moroccan-Spain border.“This occurred when some Africans attempted crossing the Melilla Chain-linkfence.“We wish to state categorically that the live of one African mattersmuch to us with no reference to the part of the continent he or she comes from.“

The act is in contravention of the international convention on the protection of the right of migrants and workers and the members of their families as encapsulated in article 9,10 and 13 cum, other articles of the treaty,” he said.The Speaker added that the treaty provides that everybody should be treated equally and called on world leaders to condemn the killing.He also called for proper investigation into the incident, adding that such move would end the rampant killing of Africans at the borders.“

Human rights hold that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity no matter what their circumstances.“We are calling for the genuinely impartial investigation of the incident taking account of the need to dispense justice for societal peace and stability in the interest of advancing the course of humanity.“We are also calling on world leaders to collectively speak against the heinous act,” he called. (NAN)