Younger Elements,Elders Outside Confab Must “Observe A Verbal Ceasefire”,Says Omokri

RenoMr. Reno Omokri, special assistant on new media to President Goodluck Jonathan has advocated that Nigerian younger elements and elders who are not part of the confab must observe “ a verbal ceasefire” throughout the duration of the National Conference .In his latest article titled :”National Conference: A Time for Building Bridges”,Omokri suggested what he feels are necessary measures to maximise the opportunity before Nigerians.

“So how do we maximize the opportunity presented by the National Conference so that understanding may be fostered amongst the elders of Nigeria leading to that ‘We the People Moment’?”he asked.

Continuing, he made the following suggestions :

“While the Conference is ongoing, younger elements and elders who are not part of the National Conference must be prevailed upon to observe a verbal ceasefire and desist from combustible and bombastic rhetoric.

“ The delegates of the National Conference could build trust amongst themselves by observing some sort of Chatham House Rules, where statements made during deliberations are privileged and may not be used against the maker in the media, court and in politics, and;

“ The rest of us should observe some restraint in the media, be it Social or Traditional, and not allow ourselves to be worked into a frenzy by speculation or hearsay. It must be that the delegates influence our conversation rather than for us to influence their conversation. Doing so will allow the delegates to FOCUS. The thing about focus is that it allows its possessor to build such clarity of thought and purpose enabling him or her to weed out anything that detracts from the goal. And the goal of this conference is that future generations of Nigerians may have a country that better suits their aspiration to pursue their own happiness.

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