Yorubas will support Buhari’s re-election –Oke


Mr Olusola Oke, South-West Director, Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign Organisation says South-west region would support President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election  in the forthcoming general elections.

He told newsmen in Ibadan on Thursday after a private meeting with Gov. Abiola Ajimobi in his office.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Oke is a former governorship candidate of Alliance for Democracy (AD) in Ondo State.

Oke said that the campaign was about power residing in the south west, adding that the region would continue to be critical in the determination of the leadership of Nigeria.

National growth LS

“Let PDP win and power will depart from the South-west, let APC win and power will remain in the South-west.

“Power defines many things, we know many projects ongoing in the South-west and we don’t want them to stop. Yoruba will go for Buhari,” he said.

He also.said that the region.was very critical and   to APC because of its voting strength and role in the emergence of Buhari’s government.

“We have a pride of place and we want to build on that. In this election, the Yorubas will decide who will be the President of this country.

“We understand Nigeria and the dynamics more than any other region, it is clear that there are two options.

“One option is to go back to Egypt and other option is to go ahead to Canaan land.”

He said that the problem of the country was lack of proper foundation for transformation, saying the Buhari administration had in the past three years devoted its time in laying a solid foundation.

“Why many Nigerians cannot see it is because we are laying the foundation.

“It is like when you want to build a house, people who are walking past may not see the foundation until you put a super structure there.

“It is now the time to put that structure and only those who are involved in the foundation will understand it.

“If you allow a new person, what that person will put on it will be different from the design.”

Oke said that it was the reason why Buhari must remain the president to take the nation to the next level, adding the role of Yorubas was very important.

He stressed that the Yorubas knew what they were doing and well informed to be distracted from the path of honour they had undertaken.

“You can be assured that the votes for Buhari will increase. When we didn’t have APC governors all through, he emerged victorious.

“Now that we have APC governors everywhere in Yoruba land, I assure you that the votes can only increase, this time around, and we will sustain it.”

Oke said that divisions among Yorùbá leaders were not about Buhari, but individual interests.

“If what is good is not available in quantum, there is bound to be conflicts

According to him. the tune of the dissent voices is that, they will vote for Buhari.

“So we are unanimous on the direction we are going.

“That is, the direction of sustaining the present system which we know is good for us.

He expressed the belief that irrespective of the apparent divisions, the foundation laid by present administration in the coint would be sustained. (NAN)

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