Yola-based rights activists, Baba Suleiman Jada, writes IGP, DSS over threat to life

A Yola-based human rights activists and public commentator, Muhammad Baba Suleiman Jada, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police over alleged threat his life.He has earlier written the Department of State Service,DSS over the threat his life and family.

The petition written by his counsel, Messrs Rickey Tarfa & Co was signed by T.U. Danjuma.Dated Tuesday, 24th November, 2020 the petition was titled: “Complain of Conspiracy, Intimidation and Threat Life.”

A copy of the petition obtained by Newsdiaryonline reads: “We are Counsel Alhaji Muhammad Baba Suleiman Jada of …..Jimeta Yola, herein referred as ‘Our Client’ whose firm instructions we write this complain.

“It is the brief of Our Client that sometimes in February, 2020 one (Key suspect, names withheld by Newsdiaryonline) in company of other unknown persons came to the house of our client at the above at about 10:00 in two vehicles, a Honda (Hennessy) with an inscription of “Lamdo Laro” in place of the vehicle registration number and another red car parked at a close distance from our client’s house gate. Our Client’s daughter had a visitor (a lady in a tricycle “Keke NAPEP”) same time when (the suspect) and his cohorts arrived our client’s house, reaching out to her visitor, fortunately Our Client’s daughter met the said (key suspect) whom she knows, identified and recognised so well but he ignored her presence without exchanging  pleasantries but busied himself making lengthy telephone conversation, she promptly discharged her visitor and headed into the house leaving (the key suspect)and his cohorts in their vehicles stationed at “Our Client’s” gate.

“Our Client’s daughter was apprehensive and sense danger promptly reported all she saw and mentioned (key suspect’s) name that is well known to the entire family to her mother (Our Client’s wife) to transmit same to our client who had slept off but her mother forgot to inform our client the next morning.

“Our Client informed us that the 23rd March, 2020 at about 2:00a.m he suddenly woke up and noticed that the main entrance gate of his house was flaunt wide opened, he reached up and queried his children why they left the gate opened but they denied leaving it open while still at the 2nd sitting room, Our Client saw three (3) persons standing by.

“Our Client became apprehensive and frightened, he shouted, inquired and querried in loud voice who are these persons and their mission in his house at this ungodly hour, they kept mute and pressed menacely and violently by hitting hard on our client’s door to gain entrance into the dwelling apartment but could not as the door is heavily fortified, they struggled but could not and they left shortly afterward.

“Our Client further informed us that on that fateful night of 23rd March, 2020 his daughter who had a brief encounter with (the key suspect)  earlier in the month of February at our client’s gate and asked if her mother told our client what she reported to her regarding (the suspect) and other unknown persons with two vehicles described above but the mother said she forgot to inform our client upon hearing this, our client linked it up to series of press conferences that he had been making regarding the attitude of some traditional title holder in Ganye Traditional Council, of the duo of Sadiq, Wallin Ganye and Abdullahi Ciroma Ganye indiscrimate use of siren, police orderlies in intimidating, terrorising and using their privileged traditional title in an oppressive manner and living a gangster like lifestyle.

It said further that “Our Client recalled that the said (Key suspect) had once drafted (written) a copy of the intimidating lifestyle of these title holders to our client which he queried as unbecoming of the holders of the revered office of traditional title holders whom he used same to deposed to an affidavit and thereafter made a press briefing condemning such acts in strong terms.

“The next morning our client called (the key suspect) severally but he refused and evaded the distress calls until 5:00 he came to the house of our client wherein he reminded him of his night visit sometime in February alongside other persons and his encounter with our client’s daughter but he denied such visits.

“Our client reported his ordeal to the DSS vide a complaint which prompted the DSS to sent a surveillance team patrolling the house of our client. Our Client thereafter made a verbal complaint to His Royal Highness the Gwangwari of Ganye since the people suspected to be behind these acts complaint of are traditional title holders in his Council but as a result of Covid 19 lock down has been done up till now and our client and members of his family are still living in fear as a result of their experience of 23rd March, 2020 and the prevailing , abduction, assassination, security breaches and other activities across the country and this has placed our client in serious emotional and psychological trauma.

A copy  of their  Client’s complaint dated 9th March, 2020 to the DSS Command, attached to the petition was also obtained by Newsdiaryonline.

The petition to the IGP reads further: “Our client as a known public analyst and a human right activist fears that if no drastic measure taken against these persons, his personal safety, that of his family members and dependants is in grave danger of hurt, lynching, bodily injury and or even death.

“Pursuant to the above, our client commissioned us to forward a formal complain to your good office with a view of launching a full scale and discreet investigation into this with a view of bringing the suspects to justice to avoid further breach of public peace and security, this we trust and have revered faith in your office.”

While thanking the IGP, the petition expressed hope that there would be prompt response.

Newsdiaryonline reports that  Baba Suleiman Jada had personally signed  a letter addressed to the State ,DSS titled: Complain of Threat to my Life and My Family. In the letter he described himself as a Yola-based human rights activist who has been granting interviews to both local and   media on national, local and global matters

He highlighted the instances of alleged  breach of  his security and  his family on two different occasions.Baba Suleiman urged the DSS to intervene “for necessary action in safeguarding my life and that of my family.”