Yobe Massacre: End the carnage,spare innocent lives-CISLAC Statement

Auwal-Musa-Rafsanjani 600Given recurrent and intense bloodbaths in Adamawa and Borno States and very recent massacre of 57 students of Federal Government College, Yobe State in overnight of Monday 25th February, 2014 by un-known persons presumed to be members of the Jama’atu ahlus sunnah lid da’awati wal jihad (JALISWAJ), Civil Society Legislative
Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) is compelled to appeal to all local and international machineries fuelling mayhems to put an end to killings and bombardments of innocent citizens; as CISLAC observed that:
1. In recent times, careless and unintelligent public statements by Federal Government and have triggered frequent attacks and killings of innocent by .
2. Soldiers guarding a checkpoint near the Federal government College Buni Yadi were reported to have been mysteriously withdrawn hours before the massacre.
3. No country in the world experiences the gravity of the ongoing mass killings and
bombardments in ; and the government has shown insufficient concern with appreciative response to address the awful situations.
4. In spite of the financial resources (N348bn, N921.91bn and N950bn in 2011, 2012
and 2013 respectively) committed to security vote from the national budget and human resources from Army, Police, State Security Service among others; are yet to curtail the daily massive and continuous attacks by the insurgent.
5. Apart from being the victims of regular attacks, security are not adequately equipped and fortified to curtail the attacks; and the degree of attacks by the have clearly indicated they are well positioned to be at advantage of the ongoing calamity.
6. The degree of destructions on facilities has denied victims of various attacks access
to medical attention including the security whose families have been subjected to life-threatening situations as they are not sufficiently compensated following the killings of their love ones.
7. Unchecked corrupt practices at the nation’s borders have promoted free movement of
and ammunition by .
8. The poor, women, children and disables remain the vulnerable groups suffering from
the consequences of various attacks; and communities in the affected places that responded to the government’s call on civilian JTF were exposed to massive killings without compensation.
9. The significance loss of lives and property occasioned by the insurgents’ activities
across the North, have continued to sabotage the region socio-economic .

Therefore CISLAC:
1. Is compelled by the gravity of the ongoing attacks on innocent souls and appeals
to both national and international machineries to put an end to carnages and spare innocent lives, who suffer the consequences of the attacks.
2. Calls for prompt investigation into the allegedly withdrawal of soldiers guarding a
checkpoint near the Federal Government College Buni Yadi, hours before the massacre.
3. Urges consciousness in statements and reactions by Federal Government and security
agencies on matters pertaining national security.
4. Demands
well-funded and -fortified to protect the lives and
property of the innocent citizens.
5. Reiterates prompt and genuine efforts by the federal government to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve the ongoing attacks and bombardments.
6. Urges all well-meaning to unit and promote national integrity and disapprove dirty politics and all efforts to promote weakness in any region in the country.
7. Calls for sincere and concerted efforts to compensate, reintegrate and rehabilitate
the victims of various attacks back to their communities.
8. Urges both federal and state governments to be wary of implicative statements that
could jeopardize or threaten the peace and security of the citizens.
9. Calls for adequate security and concerted efforts to safeguard the nations’ borders and address unchecked corrupt practices in the borders.

Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)
Executive Director, CISLAC

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