Yes, Nigeria’s unity is negotiable, By Chinedum Anayo

The question whether Nigeria’s unity is negotiable or not is a substantial topic.

Nigeria herself knows the answer, particularly in these formidable times, ‘Our unity is currently negotiable’.
The Ooni of Ife, freshly made it clear that the Government should listen to succession agitators, he stated that the majority of Nigerian youths are faced with an uncertainty about their future. In going profound, all Nigerians are facing the same challenge, asking themselves if this is the Nigeria they pledge to.
Lately, there have been heightened calls for agitations for self-determination of different sections in the country, although these calls have been somewhat led by youths, a large portion of the citizenry see reasons to these calls.

Nigeria is looking flimsy these days. A country strongly fought for and severely faithful, now a ticking time bomb.
How did we get here? Where did we go wrong?, these questions are not a threat, but these questions are a medium to our deliverance.

The vast of our political elites openly articulate that our unity is not negotiable, isn’t that a fallacy? a clear sabotage of the reality.

Unity is not only an arrangement, it is a balance.
We can’t be together in unevenness, all fingers are not equal, but all fingers are connected in the balance on the basis of a finger.

Let’s retire from the sole focus on the economy, and start a focus on our minds and our harmonious relationships.

Governor Godwin Obaseki, recently said in quote ‘Nigeria will never break up’.
Dear Governor, ask yourself ‘how and what do you mean?’ If Nigeria will never break up, what steps are you politicians/elites committing to hold the south and the north serene? Statements like these are more than curious.

It’s sad that out of over 250 tribes in Nigeria, the north feels ordained to behest.
Every Nigerian, is a rightful Nigerian because of the existence of the country, therefore it is inherent that we Nigerians should be indulged accordingly.
Open grazing, in 2021, sounds crude and underdeveloped for a country in desperate need of elevation. The mention of this practice should’ve been discarded ago.

The south says NO and some of the north says NO.
Our unity should not be overridden owing to out of date practices.
Nigeria is verily too weighty for an imposition of any exercise. There should be respect for every section in this nation.

Surely, we all can agree on a fair shake and maintain a balance only when the Government negotiates, not with the agitators but with the agitations.