Xenophobic killings in SA: NANS shuts down MTN, DSTV offices in Benue

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The National Association of Nigerian Students (), on Thursday shut down MTN and DSTV main offices in in protest of continued killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

MTN and DSTV are both South African companies operating in Nigeria.

Deputy Zonal Coordinator, Zone C, Abah Owoicho who led the protest to shut down the offices also presented a strong worded letter of protest to the organisations.

The letter was titled: “Position of NANS on Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians in South Africa’’.

Owiocho said the letter was a condemnation of the years of barbaric killings of Nigerians in South Africa.

“Since Nigerians living in South Africa cannot enjoy the same peace and support that South African businesses are enjoying here, it is only reasonable to shut down those businesses and their interests until further notice,’’ he said.

The student leader also frowned at the recent killing of a Nigerian student, Dennis Obiaju, describing it as “barbaric’’.

“It has become necessary for NANS to rise to the occasion and speak against the killings that have continued with no visible attempt by the South African Government to curb the menace.

“Our pain is deeply rooted in the peace and patronages your organisations and other South African businesses enjoy in our country while the safety of our citizens and their businesses cannot be guaranteed in South Africa,’’ he said.

Owoicho said that it was disheartening that South Africans could suddenly forget the big brother role Nigeria played which led to the dismantling of apartheid regime in their country.

“We also remembered the apartheid struggle, Nigeria was very instrumental to the ending of the policy but today they are paying us with evil.

“It is very painful to see that Nigeria that supported South Africa to gain independence is not being respected today.

“We can no longer stand and watch while our citizens are being massacred.

“We believe that the international community is also watching these developments,’’ he said.

Ms Vera Ube, MTN Connect Manager in Makurdi, received the protest letter on behalf of MTN.

She told the students that the management and staff of MTN were not in support of the killings as it had condemned such anti-development actions any time they occurred.

Ube, however, said she would forward the letter to the appropriate quarters for consideration.

“It is unfortunate that our people are being killed in South Africa, the management of MTN is not happy and we are not in support of the killings in South Africa.’’ (NAN)

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