World Teachers’ Day: Recruitment agency lauds quality of teachers 

Teachers Recruitment Consult (TRC), a recruitment platform for teachers in Nigeria, has lauded the present quality of teachers being recruited into the teaching profession.

Ms Bilkis Musa, the Executive Director of the group, said this on Tuesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) to commemorate World Teachers’ Day.

The World Teachers Day is celebrated globally on Oct. 5 to highlight the key responsibilities, rights and values of teachers, along with a consideration issues related to teachers and teaching.

This year’s theme is “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”.

Musa said that the quality of teachers being recruited into the teaching profession in Nigeria was outstanding and laudable, adding that the quality of teachers that go through our recruitment processes are not just outstanding, but are excellent.

“On a daily basis we receive applications from amazing teachers across the country.

“Sadly, we have discovered that after the recruitment process, it becomes a critical decision to engage only a few teachers which is based on the demand we get.

“This is because, these teachers have all that is required, both the teaching experience and knowledge, as well as the passion to teach and also learn which is remarkable and laudable,” she said.

She urged the government and the administrators of private schools and institutions to create more room to engage teachers, saying that every teacher was distinct, unique, with a unique teaching style, just as every child was special and unique.

Musa said that teachers, who are also formally known as educators, deserved more than a day to be celebrated.

She called for more platforms for teachers to gain knowledge such as teachers training, teachers meet and greet, teachers retreat, teachers workshops and seminars, among others.

According to her, all these platforms will aid our teachers and encourage them to strive to meet up with internationally acceptable standards.

“We want to see more learning, training and re-training platforms where teachers can learn and relearn in order to be at equal footing with their western counterparts.

“Administration of schools and learning institutes should also prioritise teachers and educators welfare, in order to promote and keep the profession alive.

“This is because teachers make every other profession possible and as such they deserve much more than is been given,” she said.

She commended mothers, guardians, caregivers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, innovators, inventors, managers, entrepreneurs, administrators, and others for also playing the role of teachers in their spheres. (NAN)