World Igbo Congress to Discuss 2015 Presidency

WICThe 19th Annual World Igbo Congress is scheduled to hold August 29-September 2, 2013 with a theme: Njikọ Na Ọganiru Ala Igbo

A statement emailed to said “The international convention is scheduled to take place in Dallas, Texas during the Labor Day weekend on August 29-September 2, 2013 at Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel, Irving, TX 75063. The hosting affiliate is Igbo Community Association of Nigeria, Dallas Fort Worth, Inc. (ICAN-DFW, INC.) under the leadership of Chief Sam Nwankwo.

“During this important convention, Ndi-Igbo in the Diaspora and at home will utilize the platform to discuss the feasibility of President of Nigeria of Igbo ethnic extraction in 2015. In the deliberations, we will examine all options as we map out how to internationalize our cause so that the global community will understand the plight of Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria. As a determined organization, we must ensure that Ndi-Igbo can no longer be timid about demanding and receiving equity and fairness in Nigeria.

The statement said “The Nigerian president of Igbo extraction should no longer be a dream, but a practical matter that we must collectively accomplish within the context of one and united Nigeria. Therefore, we are directing Ndi-Igbo in Nigeria to stop allowing other groups to direct Igbo’s destiny in Nigeria. It’s our collective responsibility to chart our own course and work assiduously to achieve our goals. With our special consultative status at the UN-ECOSOC, we will immediately constitute the required representation at the appropriate UN centers and internally communicate our plans on how to maximize the use of our status to share with the world the current socio-cultural, security and economic issues facing the Igbo in Nigeria. No tribe in Nigeria has suffered more marginalization than the Igbo people. A case in point is the federal government’s reluctance to build a new Niger Bridge after promises from three administrations.

Joe Nze Eto,WIC chairman,Prof. Anthony Ejiofor,WIC executive director and Dr. Acho Orabuchi.WIC media director who signed the statemen said, “We will proffer mechanism for achieving Igbo unity where every Igbo person is held responsible for his/her activities in the advancement of collective Igbo interests. While pursuing Igbo Unity and protection of Igbo interests within Nigeria, we must at the same time build lasting and trusting bridges with our neighbors, especially their kith and kin in the contiguous homeland, as well as other tribes, as we actively pursue sustainable regional foundation that will help us leverage others on our core interests. We recognize that for us to achieve our interests, it is essentially important for us to begin to build on strategic partnerships and alliances with those who share our plight. To others, we have to persuade them that Igbo interests are synonymous with Nigerian interests. What is good for Ndi-Igbo is good for Nigeria.

“Also, during the convention, Ndi-Igbo will present the modalities for land acquisition, funding structure, and Private-Public Partnership for the immediate and successful establishment of a Regional Medical Center of Excellence (RMCE) anywhere in Igbo land to provide world class healthcare to our people. This project that requires 50 hectares of land and a minimum of 5% of the estimated $150M cost for a 120 bed Hospital will be located in the first Southeast state that meets the requirement.

“WIC has decided to promote commerce in Ala-Igbo. As a result, the Committee on Igbo Civilization and Culture is working to the development of a documentary on Igbo history and heritage. Special Projects Technical Oversight and Review Committee is developing partnerships with institutions of higher learning in Igbo land as well as resource centers around the US to build the foundations for a Heavy Equipment a Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturing factory in Igbo land. It is envisaged that this will help revive technical schools and promote agriculture, the transportation industry and industrial development in Ala-igbo.

The statement also said “All Southeast governors, National Assembly Members, Ohanaeze leadership, and other Igbo leaders are expected to attend the World Igbo Congress Convention and actively participate in the dialogue. It’ll not be about speeches, but about results to enhance the condition of Igbo people everywhere in Nigeria.

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