World interviews Adamu Ciroma on Nigeria’s confusing times, Boko Haram , ABU crisis & more..Watch out for the full text


On his call for another  Usman  Dan Fodio :”First of all,the situation is worrying at the moment and how do you solve it?If you use the materials which you  have now, it is see men who can actually solve this problem.If they are alive, they should come forward  and offer themselves and do the right thing.For people like me,I have look back at history what happened before  and I have to try to look ahead to what is likely to happen

On Boko : “Security matters and security issues are always a problem which government has  got deal  with.The Boko and the spread of this insecurity in my view originated from how parts of this country were mismanaged.The mismanagement  I believe has spread and the resultant insecurity has also spread.So it is for government find solution for dealing with this insecurity.When the issues began serious in Borno the elders and leaders of Borno advised the government that they should talk to these people..

He also spoke  further   on  the Boko crisis, implication of Senator Ndume’s arrest and why he resigned from his post as chairman, governing council of ABU  at turbulent period.

Watch for the full

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