World Bank Race:Win or lose,Mrs Okonjo-Iweala is already a winner

By Danlami Nmodu

Those conversant with the dynamics of international politics know that it may take some  extra- ordinary effort for Dr Ngozi Okonjo -Iweala,Nigeria’s finance minister to defeat Jim Yong Kim  and emerge President of the World Bank.Going by the established  traditions, once the US president endorses a candidate, such a person is effectively considered as the next President.

But Okonjo- Iweala is not just an ordinary candidate.She is equally  not merely a Nigerian dreamer.She is largely  carrying the  African  hope  as well as  the aspirations of other third world countries and even global institutions that seek the triumph of merit  over superpower overlordship.

In the unlikely event that Okonjo- Iweala wins, it will indeed  be  victory well deserved.President Barack Obama  who  has re-election battle ahead will pull all the stops to ensure his candidate ‘wins’.But even if the ‘old tradition’ ensures she loses the race, Okonjo- Iweala  is already  a  global  star  and  in way, a winner of inestimable value still. Here is why:

For the first time in history, a woman has been deemed  eminently qualified to take the position.Interestingly, the issue is not essentially about affirmative action, but all arguments have pointed in the direction of her meritorious qualities.

Furthermore ,she has also set off a process that will ultimately result in change in the way aspiration to the headship of Word Bank will be handled in future.

Back home in Nigeria, Okonjo Iweala  will certainly be a factor in future leadership of Nigeria.No one can ignore her impressive profile  henceforth.

What else does it take to be a winner?

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