Work With Buhari To Fight Criminals, Not Against Him – BMO Charges PDP, Others 


The Buhari Media Organisation  (BMO) has called on leaders across the country, to work with President Muhammadu Buhari order to rid the country of its security challenges.
The organisation also called for a shared understanding of the solutions being preferred to the security challenges, and not antagonism or politicisation by , religious leaders or traditional rulers .
a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, the group noted that all hands must be on deck to tackle the issues of insecurity, especially the raging banditry the North-.
“We are shocked by the ridiculous comments from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on the tough but necessary decision by President Buhari to impose a no-fly-order on Zamfara State.
“The party once again guilty of insensitive politicisation of matters of insecurity. At times like this, the least we expect from PDP and its leaders to shelve their usual rascality and work with the towards tackling serious challenges facing the country.
“It unfounded for anyone to claim that the no-fly-zone directive a technical State of Emergency. That not the style of this President. President Buhari, after consultations with those who have the necessary expertise and understanding of security matters, took that decision wisdom.
“It important that we also state that each state, where issues of insecurity are being experienced, has its own peculiarities, and as such will be dealt with according to those peculiarities.
“Time after time, reports have shown that those who supply the bandits their logistics for terrorism do this via small planes and helicopters. The solution of declaring a no-fly-zone here is to cut off the supply of their weapons and logistics, and stop the transfer of the gold illegally mined, which happens to be at the of the criminality in the State.
“We admonish the PDP to shelve its penchant for criticising without looking in-depth at issues. This is not the time for unserious politics. Matters of security are matters of the lives of people; President Buhari will not play politics with the lives of ”.
The group urged State Governors, traditional leaders, civil society leaders and religious leaders to work with the President and buy into the strategies he has put in place to tackle criminality, and not sabotage them.
“Some of the strategies that the Buhari is putting in place to tackle insecurity will affect the day to day lives of people, it will affect interests of some groups, even the elites, it will dismantle illegal systems that some elites are profiting from. We urge leaders at all levels to put Nigeria first, and work with Buhari to tame criminality once and for all”, the statement added.