Women in CAN want schools to teach security drills

The Plateau branch of the Women’s Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria on Tuesday called security drills students and staff in the face of repeated abductions in schools.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Jos, Mrs Rhodo Jahota, the chairperson, said: “ should teach security drills in schools, particularly in those that did not have security .

“Teach them how to raise alarm if they notice any abnormal movement because we cannot say schools should begin to build fences and gates and install other security gadgets now.

“It is my earnest call and desire that the of Plateau should strengthen security systems especially in schools.”

Jahota said the teaching of security drills could forestall some challenges, adding that strange movements and should also be reported to the appropriate authorities.

“The of Plateau should strengthen security systems and we, the residents, should watch those coming in and going out in areas. If we notice strange people, we should be able to cry out and investigate,’’ she said.

Similarly, the Executive Director of a non-governmental organisation, Girls’ Education Mission, Mrs Keturah Shammah, said abductions would discourage the attainment of education, especially the girl child.

She expressed concerns that parents would not release their children to go to school with rampant banditry, terrorism and other security threats.

“This further increase the rate of female dropouts as most parents may not have confidence in sending their children to school, most especially girls,’’ she said.

Shammah urged governments at all levels to place premium on education by the security of schools top priority, saying, “government should send police and soldiers to every school.’’ (NAN)