Woman Gives Sister To Husband To Bear Child

By Gracia Obi
A married woman who could not have sex with husband to have a child gave teenage sister to husband to give them a child.
Twenty-six-year-old woman Mrs. Ann Kinshine, who lives in Suleja revealed this to Newsdiaryonline yesterday.
“You see, I obviously know what I did is child abuse. My only sister is only 15 years of age. Yes, I know.
“I have been married for three years but I have no child. After consulting many doctors last year, I was told I have heart problem, which made me unfit for sex.
“I came from a poor home, and my husband is financially taking care of my aged mother and younger ones, so I would not an outsider to ruin all our benefit.
Mrs. Kinshine said mother in law had always expressed worry about condition, but that her husband was very understanding.
“My husband suffers a lot by not having sex; he is in need of sex to have .
Six now my sister is with my husband and she is four pregnant.
“There is no problem in living in same house. If I had taken a decision to divorce him and ask him to marry another woman it will increase our burden and my family will suffer”, she added.
Confirming this, teenage girl told our that she is only going to have sex with sister’s husband to have a child
If by God’s grace my sister health becomes improved after 5 or 6 years as confirmed by Medical doctors, she will have her husband,” she added.

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