Why we laud suspension of Amnesty Coordinator – N/Delta activist

Mr Ramsey Nuware, a Niger Delta youth leader, on Monday commended the Federal Government for suspending Prof. Charles Dokubo, Coordinator of Presidential Amnesty Programme, over his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

Nuware said in Yenagoa that the suspension would pave way for an independent investigation to ascertain Dokubo’s involvement in the allegations.

He, however, advised President Muhammadu Buhari to look inwards within the Niger Delta region for a replacement either in the interim capacity or substantive capacity.

He added that a replacement from the region was needed as the amnesty programme was fundamental for peaceful environment for oil and gas sector to thrive.

“The President has done well in the suspension of the Coordinator due to allegations of tampering with stipends of ex-militants and we commend the Presidency for sustained interest in running the scheme as envisioned.

“The Amnesty Office requires a lot of expertise from those who understand the terrain and the delicate terrain, challenges and peculiarities of the Niger Delta region and align same with the Federal Government’s development plan.

“The Amnesty Coordinator position has been held by people from the region with various levels of experience and they have all contributed their quotas.

“I urge the President to look within, there are so many illustrious and patriotic people qualified for the job.

“The people of Niger Delta, especially the ex-militants need someone who understands and knows them, someone that they can connect and someone who can empathise with them and I believe there are more than enough people to choose from.

“The people need a Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme from amongst us, someone we can hold responsible if he performs below expectation.

`The scheme has run so smoothly that we cannot afford a derailment by appointment of an outsider to understudy before taking charge.

“There is need to consolidate and get things to run smoothly and take the people of Niger Delta to the next level.” Nuware said.

He urged the Presidency to consult widely with various stakeholders and leadership of the Niger Delta region to ensure that a competent and acceptable person was appointed to drive the Presidential Amnesty Programme for ex-agitators. (NAN