Why Igbos Are Suppprting Peter Obi, By Kingsley Ndibe

It is on record, without sentiment, Ndi Igbo overwhelmingly voted for President Obasanjo, a Yoruba man from Ogun State. Before the general election, Ndi-Igbo supported Obasanjo against a father figure in Igboland, Dr. Alex Ekwueme in PDP 1999 primaries in Jos, many erroneously often said we dont love ourselves, but we wanted equity and fairness after June 12.

In 2003, a very popular and well-loved Igboman was on the ballot together with Buhari, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, if Igbos and some part of SS voted for that ticket 100%, Obasanjo would have lost that election, but many Ndi Igbo believed Obasanjo was a better candidate, disregarded tribe and overhwemly voted a Yoruba man twice.

On that same ballot too was perhaps the most respected Igbo man that ever lived, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, because we knew he couldn’t win beyond Eastern States, we rejected tribal sentiments to vote reality regardless of Obasanjo’s tribe.

In 2007, an Hausa candidate from Katisna, President Yar’Adua, received the majority of the votes in the south east against Edwin Umezuoke and Buhari ticket because many believed Buhari is a bad candidate which is proven to be true today.

In 2011, a man from one of the smallest tribes in Nigeria, stood no chance of winning without 99% Igbo votes, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Igbos thought it was the best thing to do even though his tribe is very small, we gave him our entire tribe for purpose of inclusivity and fairness.

In 2019, Atiku, a Northerner, swept the entire votes in the South east, almost won Lagos with Igbos votes and he can boast of winning Abuja because of Igbo votes, he is from Adamawa.

South East today is the only region that can boldly say they’ve overwhelmingly voted for North, South West, South South, Christians, Muslims, Majority and Minority tribes. And in doing so, we have rejected many of our illustrious sons including our legendary Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Today,, Igbo people finally picked Peter Obi, having scrutinised him very well and found him to be the most suitable for the office of the President like we did with others in the past, and everyone is saying is because he is Igbo or we are pushing for a tribal Presidency. This is most unfortunate and very regrettable comments against a region with aforementioned record since 1999.

When we were rejecting our own to vote others we considered better positioned candidates, you called it self hate, Igbos dont love themselves, now that we found someone amongst us, even more credible than those we’ve collectively supported as a nation from other tribes since 1999, you call him a tribal candidate.

For those who say Igbos supporting Peter Obi are pushing for tribal presidency, give us Rochas Okorocha, Willy Obiano, Hope Uzodimma, Okezie Ikpeazu then see how we will be the first to fight any party fielding such characters to be the custodians of our treasury.

We are Igbos, we are business people, we sense, smell and sight profits from afar and in Peter Obi presidency, we’ve seen that Nigeria will collectively profit tremendously so let all tribes, religions and people of good will in Nigeria join hands to deliver Peter Obi in 2023 because it’s not about tribe, party or region, but the contents of the person’s character, his previous records, who he is today, and his plan for us tomorrow; Obasanjo being President didn’t turn Ogun State into Singapore, Buhari being President didn’t secure Katsina like Switzerland and GEJ being President didn’t turn Otueke into Pretoria.

Ozo Kingsley Ndibe, Eze Ndi Igbo na Spain