Why I ventured to Air Condition repairs- Girl, 22, narrates

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Abigail Thomas, 22, says she took to learning how to fix vehicle Air Conditioners to earn a decent living and support her parents.

Abigail, currently an apprentice in Zuba, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, said she ventured into the male dominated trade because she could not continue with her education due to paucity of funds.

The apprentice told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday that she completed her secondary education in 2019 but could not afford to proceed to higher institution because of financial constraint.

Abigail said she was determined to make a change and would not settle  for less.

According to her, rather than going into prostitution or becoming a house maid, I decided to learn a trade that will make me an employer of labour in the future.

“It is not everybody that have the opportunity to go to school; the best thing for me to do now is to learn a trade instead of going into prostitution.

“If I get the opportunity to go back to school, I will go back but I will continue to learn the job during holidays or any other opportunity I have.

“I will advise other girls in similar situation to learn a trade rather than going into prostitution or any form of crime or unsustainable jobs,” she said.

The apprentice called on all well-meaning Nigerians to support her to achieve her dream of becoming an employer of labour and useful to her family and the society at large.

“I intend to do something big so I can employ other boys and girls; I want Nigerians particularly Ondo State Governor to support me achieve my dream, for a bright future for myself and my younger ones  also,” she said.

Abigail, the second of five children of her parents, said that she enjoyed the full support of her family to become a vehicle air conditioner mechanic.

The mother of Abigail, Mrs Victoria Thomas, told NAN that she was committed to supporting her daughter’s vision whole heartedly, adding that Abigail had made a good decision.

“Abigail is my daughter and I support what she is doing; after she finished secondary school, she said she wanted to learn handwork.

“I gave her many options but she rejected all and opted to learn how to fix vehicle air conditioner.

“I will like her to go to school, but very importantly I want Nigerians to support her set up her own shop, so she will be a model to other girls,” she said.

Abigail’s senior colleague, Abdulrahman Rasheed, describes her as `a hard working girl who is very dutiful and inquisitive’.

Rasheed, who is set to graduate this year, said that Abigail joined them in 2020 and within a very short time, had learnt a lot and can now fix faulty air conditioner.

“I am Abdulrahman and I have been learning how to fix vehicle air condition for eight years now and I will be graduating this year.

“Our shop is in Zuba here, opposite the Police station and our master is Mr Luke, he also lives here in Zuba.

“Abigail joined us last year and she is doing very well; she asks a lot of questions and she is very serious with the work.

“She comes to work everyday and now knows how to fix vehicle air conditioners,” he said. (NAN)