Why I keep fighting for road safety – Mandela

By Tina George reporting from Sweden 

The grand-daughter of late South African President, Zoleka Mandela has said that she will continue to fight for the safety of roads, until they are declared safe. 

Speaking exclusively with Newsdiaryonline in Sweden, Zoleka said she goes through a lot of pain each time she receives news of the death of another child as a result of a road crash. 

Zoleka, who lost her daughter to road crash shortly after her 13th birthday, lamented over government’s negligence of road safety, saying that their perceived ignorance about the issue, is causing the world a lot and killing off its best minds. 

“I lost my daughter in 2010 shortly after her 13th birthday and this is almost a decade of her death. I do not want another child to lose his/her life on the road. 

“We know that Africa has the world’s most dangerous roads and that is evidence of the fact that we have people who have influences but are not doing enough.

“As a mother, as someone who wants to protect the rights and needs of our children, I think it is important for our leaders to listen to stories of someone who has become a victim of road traffic injury and that there is something they can actually do to protect the children as they journey to school. 

“It is as if our leaders, international communities  and government do not know  the fatalities and the injuries  that are taking place within their own cities and countries.”

Zoleka stressed that the journey to school is one a child should enjoy and not be denied due to fear of being knocked down by a car. 

“The journey to school is the most important journey of any child and every child deserves protection. It is sad that it takes I and others to stand on the stage and share these sad experiences of ours before we can get action. “

She then called on the government to place priorities on building cities and roads that will protect lives on the Road. 

“We know that road traffic injury is a big killer of young people, although I am not an expert on building or city designs, I know we need to build cities and roads that will protect the lives on the road. That needs to be a priority of governments.”

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