Why Buhari craves truly independent, unbiased judiciary -BMO

President Buhari desires a judicial system that is truly independent, that is composed of noble, responsible Nigerians of the highest moral character, and one that serves the interest of no one but that of justice.

Making this assertion in a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) called for the various stakeholders in the Justice sector to take the necessary steps to make the justice system work for the everyday Nigerian.

“There is the urgent need for dramatic reforms in the Justice sector, such that the average Nigerian can trust that whatever outcomes that flow from the decisions of our courts, are unbiased, apolitical and in the truest sense of it, the manifest dispensation of justice.

“What President Buhari seeks to bequeath to Nigerians, as a legacy in the Justice sector, is a justice system that works for the everyday man. One that fears and favours no one. The President cannot achieve this without having arm-in-arm partners in the judiciary and other stakeholders such as the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), among others.

“The truth is that a majority of Nigerians do not trust the Justice system. The inability to predict outcomes from clear precedence makes the seeking of justice appear better done outside the courts, most time leading to self-help, and a break down of law and order. 

“A trustworthy Justice system is critical for the peace and stability of the country. Nigerians must know that when a matter is brought to the courts it would fetch them true justice.”

The group also called on the stakeholders in the Justice sector to work out ways in which the dispensation of justice is fast and timely, against the current slow pace that getting a judgment from the court takes. 

“Justice delayed is justice denied, says a legal maxim. Our justice system would earn the trust of Nigerians when they are assured that their matters would be speedily dealt with and that they would not have to wait years before they get justice.

“The Judiciary and those stakeholders of the entire Justice sector must come up with ways to ensure that the system delivers justice in good time.”

The Buhari Media Organization stated that the annual NBA Conference offers the participants, drawn from the entire Justice System, to brainstorm, debate and fine-tune ideas that would transform the Justice sector for the better. 

It stated that these conferences should not just end as talk-shops but should translate to the much-desired reforms the Justice sector needs.