WHO urges Angola to strengthen investment in health sector

The World Health Organisation (WHO) representative in Angola, Mr Djamila Cabral has urged the Angolan government to expand investment in health sector and build a resilient system to cope with the current COVID-19 situation.


Cabral, who made the statement following a meeting with Angola’s Health Minister Silvia Lutucuta, stressed that all the health sector support donated to Angola should be adapted to the current situation of the pandemic.


The WHO representative added that the organisation had an estimated 35 million dollars to aid Angola this year and 2021.

“We are already halfway through the execution of 21 million dollars, it is possible that this amount will increase until the end of 2021,” Cabral said.












She underscored that the provision of this aid package should prioritise primary health care and community health, a matter already being analyzed with Angola’s Health Ministry.

The WHO praised the efforts being implemented by the Angolan government to fight against COVID-19, referring to the contingency measures adopted by the health sector to stop the spread of the virus in the country.


“They are on a good track, although in recent weeks the numbers have been increasing,” she said.

Lutucuta expressed the willingness of the ministry of health to continue cooperating with the newly appointed WHO representative in the country to improve the health situation of the population. (Xinhua/NAN)